…. and now the fear kicks in.

So here’s to a fresh start. I am SO excited. I am going to the University of Sussex to study BSc Psychology. I have had such a dreadful year at university previously and it feels so wonderful to feel so much better about this experience but, of course, the anxiety is present…

I went to visit the university yesterday and I just thought I’d share some brief thing about my visit. Sussex is a campus university which provides a unique university atmosphere allowing you to feel more at home while having Brighton town on the tip of your fingers.

Brighton itself is absolutely wonderful and I can not wait to call it my hometown. I adore the seaside and how broad and intriguing the streets of shops are, from the quirky lanes to Churchill Square shopping centre.

I know this isn’t much of a blog post but I felt like it would be something to look back on and reminisce. When I officially move in I will, of course, update and give some uni tips for anyone starting soon. I’m also so new to this blogging world so any advice, tips and tricks are always welcome

Goodbye UEL, Hello Sussex!

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