Uni So Far!

I’m just over a month into university and it feels like it’s time for me to write a post about it. From freshers week to now life has been a whirlwind and the idea that its already been (and somehow also only been) a month is unfathomable!

I guess I should start by sharing with you my flat – I was both lucky and unlucky (this post is rather filled with paradoxes, isn’t it?) in being granted a studio for my on-campus accommodation. This means I not only have my own bedroom and bathroom but I am also blessed with having my own kitchen (which for someone recovering from an eating disorder is a blessing); however it does come with its drawbacks both socially and financially although it has provided opportunities for practice in regards to pushing comfort zones and budgeting!

The first week of the month was the classic university ‘Fresher’s Week’. I had a truly wonderful time where I made some most amazing friends both on and off my course and was blessed to have my darling boyfriend staying with me too. We enjoyed trips into Brighton, crafternoons, visits to the bars and pubs, walks in

End of Freshers Week firework display

the countryside, a party on the pier, watching the sunset, listening to live folk music and all rounded off nicely with some fireworks!

After freshers week it was time for the actual studying to begin and to say the workload was a shock would be something of an understatement(!). BUT it has been so nice to be studying again, especially in such a wonderful environment. There is a lot of pre and post reading expected of me but overall it is manageable and the support has been incredible. For the most part, the lectures have been immensely engaging and I am loving my modules!

Although I have been unwell and there’s lots of work there’s been plenty of ‘downtime’ too. Two of my very best friends are also in Brighton so I’ve had the chance to see them, lots of coffee and cake dates have occurred too with both new and old friends, my brother came up just last weekend to see me which was wonderful and I’ve dived head first into some of the societies offered here.

A movie screening put on my Harry Potter Society

When coming to University, especially upon asking friends how to make this years’ experience entirely more positive than last, the general advice given is: get involved. So, I’ve done just that – I’ve signed up to lots of societies (although I need to try and plan my schedule better so I can attend more), have participated in pub quizzes, have pushed my comfort zones – for example: eating out with new people – and it’s paying off! I feel so comfortable and settled here on top of knowing that should I ever need anyone or anything all I have do is send a message and I’ll have at a few people at my door willing to list.

In time, hopefully, I’ll be able to write some advice based posts around university as I know for everyone, and especially for those of us with mental health problems, starting university can be both daunting and stressful but for now I’m going to keep myself busy, get even more settled and get into a place where I feel my advice will not only be great but I’ll have practised what I preach too!


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