November (2016) Favourites


First things first: I am sooo far from being a beauty blogger and my ‘skills’ are at a rather bare minimum it’s laughable however I found a product this month that I fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with. I am a massive lover of all things autumn so discovering Barry M‘s molten metal nail paint range in Copper mine (No. 18)* and Bronze bae (No. 36)* was an all-time highlight. The formulation is really nice – I’ve often found Barry M to be too sticky but this (along with their Sunset Daylight curing* range) is so nice and the brush itself was easy to use and I made a heck of a lot less of a mess than usual!

Copper Mine!

tumblr_oh671twuwg1tdarnmo1_500I also recently invested in some NYX products and I have to say, overall, I was thrilled! The matte liquid liner* is so easy to use and lasts so much longer than my current one (sorry Rimel, finally saying goodbye after all these years), the stay matte but not flat foundation* is really good on my uneven skin and the brushes work a treat! The only thing that was letting the side down was the shadow eye-shadow palette which at £16 was rather disappointing… However overall a must-recommend make up brand.



  1. Sherlock* – oh my gosh how had I not watched this previously?! I was hooked after the first cxzoio3weaahd3lepisode and got through all the episodes on Netflix within a couple of days… SO GOOD!
  2. Greys Anatomy* – yes yes I hear you, I know I’m obsessed. Now if you know me personally you will know that this show is like a child to me and I am totally in love with the series so, naturally, it could easily be featured in all my favourite posts but I particularly wanted to mention it as Season 13, Episode 8 was absolutely phenomenal and it really deserves accreditation.
  3. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them* – I went to see the midnight screening with some university friends and it was amazing! It was so vastly different to Harry Potter that it is somewhat incomparable but it was just so good and I am even more in love with the fantastic Eddie Redmayne than I was before. Definitely, a must watch if you’re a Potterhead (also despite being a faithful Gryffindor, I did adore that Newt is a Hufflepuff).
  4. Black Mirror* – This was recommended to me so many times especially being a social media addict and Psychology student and I love it! It’s something you can dip in and out of and I just finding it really fascinating.
  5. Ballet Shoes* – I consider this movie something of a classic and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside so I just couldn’t resist adding it my favourites after re-watching it at least 4 times this month.




  • I am currently re-reading Matilda* and it just as wonderful as an adult as it was when i was younger and it’s quite insightful from such a different perspective. Dahl’s novels were one of my favourites as a child and after celebrating his 100 years I purchased my favourites again – Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory*, The Witches* and The Minpins* and I’m so excited to read them all.
  • My second recommendations are a couple of Christmas novellas which I always find really cute and are great as stocking fillers! The first is Giovanna Fletcher’s Christmas with Billy & Me and (the amazing) Carrie Hope Fletcher’s, Winters’ snow*.
  • I also purchases ‘Five on Brexit Island‘* the spin-off Enid Blyton novel purely because I found it amusing and of course the Fantastic Beasts screen-play!
  • I must mention Zoe Sugg’s ‘Girl Online‘ series as she released the final (for now..) copy this week. There’s much speculation over the authenticity of the novels but regardless I think they’re a great read. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • Murray Bailey was an absolute angel and sent me a review copy of his new book ‘I Dare You‘*. The novel follows a lady called Kate who’s boyfriend was ‘snatched off the street’ and follow her finding out about him and following clues ‘all the while with the killer on her tail’. I thoroughly recommend purchasing this and supporting a new author.
  • and finally… Audible! I’ve always been a huge audio book fan and after coming to university without my copies of Harry Potter I couldn’t help but indulge in the audio books and I personally find the monthly rate/benefits really good! I can’t wait to hear Carrie’s reading of On the other side too!


  • Dodie – Intertwined8!: I couldn’t not mention this and oh my gosh how happy I am that she’s finally released an EP. I’ve been following Dodie for SO long and I am so proud of her and her song make me feel things deep in the pit of my stomach and her voice is mesmerising and please just show her all the love you can.
  • The Spotify playlist ‘Easy’ has become my go to getting up in the morning playlist as its so gentle and kind and makes me feel like I can tackle the day and its got the cutest cover.
  • Also my lovely friend Katy made a ‘Study’ playlist which is filled with all my favourite soundtracks and creates such a gorgeous, yet non-distracting, atmosphere especially when accompanied by plentiful amounts of tea and candles.
  • This month I haven’t indulged in any new Youtubers however a huge Shout Out to Hannah Witton for her ever amazing Period Diaries series! And to Melanie Murphy for her slam poem – ‘Femme‘. “This dismissal of my identity, this stranger who does not know me, shoving me in to the closet unwillingly over and over because I’m the feminine B in LGBT…. If I marry a women I won’t be gay and if I marry a man I won’t be straight and until you understand that how about don’t question it, let me live… Give me the silence of acceptance”… what a beautiful worded way to get some bivisability out there and how empowering it is!


Onto some food-y bits: after my recent discovery that lactose most certainly does not agree with me I’ve been going all out trying new lactose-free snacks and I am thoroughly delighted with my finds. The provamel chocolate dessert pots are creamy and delicious and a perfect treat after dinner or with some fruit as a snack! Both Asda and Co-op do lovely ‘freefrom’ chocolate buttons which, for a freefrom product, are rather affordable. And last but by no means least, the new Nakd posh bites! I spotted these in one of Melanie Murphy’s videos and just had to try them. My favourites have to be the mandarin and raspberry ones however one of my besties absolutely worships the sea-salt so it looks like the whole range is winning! I also went to Pizza Express with my grandparents a couple of days ago and got the ‘Pollo Pesto’ dish which was INSANE and seriously I think everyone should go buy it now!!!!

Next is UniDays! Now I’m aware most people are already aware of this but I’m new to the scene! It’s totally free but gets you amazing discounts as a student which is great for the saving but overall not so fabulous for you bank balance!

STRESS BALLS. Oh my gosh I love them. When I was recently at a careers fair and in my uni’s counseling office I picked up a couple and they are SO helpful to squeeze, dig your nails in, play catch with and through at walls which is awesome especially for when university essays become all too stressful.

Primark have also been pretty awesome for my little winter haul filled with a cute shirt, Christmas leggings and jumper (yes I go all out) and some cosy winter pjs and a dressing gown!

And finally… the gorgeous Stanmer Park situated right outside my university where I can go with friends or alone to de-stress, reconnect with nature and feel contented again.

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