Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Long time no speak! As the year has drawn to a close, Semester 1 has come to an end, the holidays have come and gone and as I am getting ready to return to university it felt rather fitting to do a little update on everything that has been going on for the last few months and what I have been up to. Its been a rather insane whirlwind filled with very busy days, a few bumps in the road but ultimately a butt-load of fun!

While at Uni I had an array of visits from both friends and family.Both my grandparents and my brother visited in order to see my campus and Brighton itself while having a catch up as it had been so long. We walked around campus so I could show them where I spend my day-to-day life, had some food and drinks, took a trip into Brighton to see the sea, wander the land and have some dinner. I am very lucky to have the family I do. I’ve also had a couple of visits from my best friend Eden and of course my wonderful boyfriend which just made bad weeks easier and gave me something to look forward to on weeks when deadlines were rife. It’s included lots of movie nights, catching up on everything and walks on the South Downs- I’ll feature some pictures below.

I also had some amazing nights and trips out with my university friends. Film watches with the Harry Potter soc, watching the Christmas lights being turned on, seeing Fantastic Beasts at a midnight screening, going to Halloween parties and seeing some live music. We’ve also had plenty of downtime with coffee dates, swimming and walks which have been entirely necessary for those busy weeks and I am so grateful for how welcoming and comfortable I feel at University.

Two of the bigger nights of Semester 1 was the Winter Ball and Bonfire Night. Both the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton combined to hold a fancy ball for the students which were absolutely lovely and a great opportunity to get dressed up all fancy and of course see my boyfriend! For Bonfire Night a group of us went into Lewes which holds a famous procession which was a very odd but an interesting experience and we got to see some beautiful fireworks. It was a very exciting evening.

I, however, vow to be honest on this blog and I, therefore, must admit that university has not all been sunshine and happy days. I have really missed my amazing best friends, have struggled with on-going mental health issues and the stress of the workload and deadlines. For this reason, I was very very pleased to head home for the Christmas holidays.

The holidays have been filled with so much enjoyment of happiness. I went to see Wicked with my boyfriend and his wonderful family, have had multiple coffee dates and catch-ups with friends, have been to parties with friends, been to the Pantomime, have watched many films in the cinema and had wonderful quality family time. It’s been a very magical Christmas break and I feel in a much better place to return to University for Semester 2 and exams in a couple of weeks.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful break and festive period and are looking forward to returning to studies.

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