Lush Products – Christmas 2016

With Christmas just passed I can safely say I am fulled stocked on all my favourite Lush products so here they are comprised into one post!


My favourite non-limited edition bath bomb is without a shadow a doubt ‘Twilight’. I was always so unhappy that I’d missed out on getting the limited edition shower gel so when I was told a few months ago by a favourite lush employee that there was something exciting coming out at Christmas I could hardly contain myself! And here it is…


It is a gorgeous lavender coloured and scented lotion. The hints of organic cocoa butter make this a rich lotion which sinks deeply into the skin and the lavender infusion aids to calming you in the sense of the scent and can aid in reducing both acne and eczema and help detoxify skin. For myself I am unable to use lavender infused products on my face as it is just something my sensitive skin is not fond of however I have been using this every other day on the backs of my arms (where my eczema is most prominent) before bed and I have noticed a considerable change in my skin.On top of that I have found the lavender scent helps to ease my anxiety before bed. Even if you are not interested in the health benefits of the product the colour is really funky and I’d encourage everyone to pamper themselves with this!


Snowman is a lovely (or should I say lushly) shower jelly with the added novelty that it looks like an actual snowman! It has gorgeous citrus tones – to those of you who have been around a while it shares the tones of the 2014 Easter Carrot Soap – (buchu, sicilian lemon and bergamot oil) which although isn’t all that Christmassy are however ideal to help wake you up on those cold winter mornings when your bed feels like your best friend. The shower jelly isn’t the easiest to lather however when added in your hand with a little amount of water it does begin to foam and makes your skin feel thoroughly cleansed easily.


Now any lushie will know just how many bath bombs are released over the Christmas tumblr_oj1y9y2i8y1tdarnmo1_500period but for me there really is a clear winner: Golden wonder. Now don’t get me wrong I do typically purchase at least one of each of the Christmas bath bombs and there are plenty of amazing ones but Golden Wonder has stood out for me from day 1 of its release. Golden Wonder (as shown in the picture) looks like a gold, glittery present which once submerged in water, bubbles away turning the bath water a magnificent shiny emerald green ~ the sort of colour I imagine would be popular in the Prefects bathroom at Hogwarts! One of my favourite aspsects of this bath bomb however is that although it is brilliantly glittery it is not OTT making little mess in your bathroom and preventing you from appearing as a human Christmas decoration. Gold and green (for me atleast) are very traditional Christmas colours and it really adds to the bath bomb making it so beautiful and festive.


Now 90% of the people I know go mad over the release of Snow Fairy Shower Gel at Christmas and I must admit i did succumb to the craze originally (and do still adore it!) but there is another Christmas shower gel that just wins on all levels for me. Rose Jam. Oh I don’t even know where to begin or how to explain my adoration for this product. Those of you who have used Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner will recognise the fragrance – rose absolute and lemon. The feature of argon oil ensures your body is left clean and hydrated. Although again not a typical Christmas product it is absolutely beautiful and I always make everyone around me smell it and try it!


And last, but by no means least, Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. I must admit I was initially drawn to this product by the name as the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is one of my favourite pieces of music (isn’t it just adorable in Barbie in the Nutcracker!). I do however also love the product itself. I’ve always loved Lush’s lib scrubs as I am very prone to dry lips – especially in these cold winter months – and the simple ingredient used ensure I don’t have any sort of reaction to the product. The gorgeous colour and sweet scent are just so lovely and I’ve definitely got my fingers crossed that they release this product again next year.


That therefore concludes my Lush Christmas Haul however I will be doing an ‘essentials’ haul soon as the majority of my products are from Lush and I know how difficult it is to find products that don’t irritate problematic skin so i thought I’d best share. Let me know in the comments your favourite lush products and any suggestions you have for me!

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