2017 Bucket List

This is just a short list of the things I want to do in 2017. A possibly short and dull post for you readers but one that gives me motivation.


  • Go to Pride London
  • Go to SITC
  • Read 35+ books
  • Send more flowers to friends and family
  • Participate in a march for something I believe in
  • Go on more walks and discover more of the natural beauty in Brighton
  • Visit more independent coffee shops and retail shops instead of chain stores
  • Take more photos
  • Start yoga
  • Read more LGBT+, feminist and sex literature
  • Be more gender & sexuality inclusive in the way I speak and write
  • Sort my sleep pattern
  • Discover more art, history & culture
  • Be more adventurous with my writing and the topics I approach
  • Take more days out to visit new places
  • See more shows
  • Journal more
  • Finish my Madagascar scrapbook
  • Live more.

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