January (2017) Favourites


This month I have rather a lot of beauty products to share with all you lovelies due to Christmas presents, products I’ve been sent and a few items I couldn’t help but indulge in.

First off I’m starting with CND creative play nail polish. I received a gorgeous set of these for Christmas and the formulation is just gorgeous and they work so well as a top coat to add some glitter and shine or just on their own for a more subtle effect. They also don’t damage or stain your nails like a lot of varnishes do!

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Now this is not a new product for me but one I haven’t mentioned before and its my daily perfume. Taylor Swift -Wonderstruck. I originally purchased this years ago when I was an avid Swiftie but it had become my absolute stable and I adore it.

Plum Rain shower gel was a limited edition lush kitchen product in January and oh my goodness it smells like heaven. The colour is a stunning, rich shade of purple. One of the key fragrances is umeboshi which smells somewhere between a plum and an apricot. It’s not a smell that has been featured highly in other lush products but is one I absolutely adore. This is once again a very thick shower gel which

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means it lathers really well allowing a little to go a long way (and what could be better for us poor university students?) and meaning you feel thoroughly clean and refreshed.

I received a few NYX products this month and truth be told I wasn’t overly thrilled with the eyeshadows however the ‘Doll Eye’ mascara is an absolute treat. It really lengthens and spreads allowing a natural look whilst also making you look more aware – perfect for those 9am lectures.

Breakfast face masks! My friend and I spied these many months ago on amazon and they’d been added to my wish list for ages and I finally indulged. The packaging itself is so cute and they’re so nourishing. 100% recommend.

Vitamin E body shop range is a skin care range I have fallen in love for. I needed a new moisturiser and while purchasing a couple of items for my dad I saw this night cream on offer and ever since I’ve been wanting to buy the whole range. I’ve also tried the serum and found it really good as a pre-make up application. I’m unsure of the health benefits of Vitamin E itself but for someone with very dry and spotty skin its improved it ten-fold and I’m certainly not complaining.



  • Collateral Beauty ~ my boyfriend and I are both avid cinema watchers and recently went to see this. Neither of us had stumbled upon much publicity for the movie but when browsing the Odeon website we saw the trailer and thought it looked like a great post-dinner-date movie and it really was. There was such clever imagery, astonishing actors (I mean who doesn’t love Kate Winslet, Will Smith & Kiera Knightley) and a heart-wrenching and gripping plot line. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the film and I really do recommend everyone at least checks out the trailer as I think it deserves a lot more publicity and acclaim than it’s received so far.
  • John Tucker Must Die ~ what a throw back! Some nights you just need a good ol’ movie which requires no thought process, makes you laigh and heavily features a lot of cringe.
  • Now you see me two ~ I only recently watched the first movie but I found the story and ‘magic’ so clever that I had to purchase the second one when I saw it on offer and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I found the change in characters wonderfully subtle and well fitted within the storyline which I wasn’t anticipating and the storyline was just as magical and captivating as the initial one. 
  • La la land ~ la la land is INSANE! it is art. The lyrics and music. The plot. The cinematic beauty.
  • Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix ~ i‘ve only watched a few episodes but my first impressions are good – so good it’s in my favourites. The theme song is utterly wonderful. Neil Patrick Harris is a wonderful Count Olaf. And they’ve captured the essence of the novels so well. I especially love the feature that they explain language as they do in the novels and how ‘Lemony Snicket’ narrates the story. I do however have one issue which is Mrs Poe’s character – for me it was unnecessary and just odd for me. 
  • Easy (Netflix original series) ~ I am only 2 episodes into this series however the ‘Vegan Princess’ episode had me screaming in support of it 

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  • Mara Wilson’s ‘Where am I now?’. 
  • Fantastic beasts 
  • Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAngus Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging?
  • A bear called Paddington 


  • I absolutely adore country pop music but unfortunately as not that many people around me share the passion I generally find it difficult to discover more artists however Spotify has assisted me here! I have entirely fallen in love with the ‘Pop Country’ playlist.
  • Another throwback here…. Taylor Swift’s Speak Now & Fearless albums. As I previously said I’m an avid swiftie and I honestly could not imagine better albums to dance around in my underwear to.
  • My darling friend Harry has a Youtube channel and his latest video is of his wonderful sister signing and it so beautifully filmed and Jenny had such talent.Click here to watch it!
  • Dont Hate the Shake. This is a wonderful body positivity hashtag on Instagram and I just love it!
  • Podcast: Banging book club. I’ve been aiming to listen to more Podcasts and this is just so great for me. It’s reviews of books and I just love hearing people’s views and opinions.


This first favourite in this category is rather an odd one. For quite some time I was a very very limited alcohol consumer/virtually t-total however recently I have felt like I have the ability to be more in control when under the consumption and as such have begun drinking more and testing the limits and figuring out what I enjoy. (Disclaimer: I am 20 years old and from the UK therefore of a legal drinking age. If you are not of the legal drinking age for the country you are in/are unable to drink responsibly please do not drink. And always be safe). I’ve found my go-to drinks are now Purple Rain and Malibu and Coke and I just
thought it was a good time to include them in my favourites!

Stationary… oh how I could easily spend all my money on stationary. For all my life I’ve always wanted to purchase every notepad I’ve spied and pen I’ve seen and its a trait that
very much remains now. I have been ever so fortunate that I have been able to purchase/have kindly been given a lot of new stationary for the start of my second semester at university and the majority of it is from the Paperchase Wild Tales set! And isn’t it gorgeous! I am so in love and so excited to write in it all and set it all up on my desk.

Ceramic painting. Me and my mum visited Jimmy’s Farm for a day of art and I choose to paint a plate. I loved it as a child and I found it just as enjoyable this time around.

And finally… Shearer Candles!! I just love a good candle and these are just wonderfully scented and burn so nicely.

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