February (2017) Favourites

Unfortunately, February was not a month of many new things as it was mostly spent re-settling into university but these few items featured have really stood out to me!


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I have always been picky with nail varnishes and never quite understood the attraction to Barry M however after the success of the molten metal ones I just had to try the new ‘frosted cupcakes’ series in the shade Earl Grey – and how good it is! It has a great formulation and a smooth finish, despite the appeared texture, which is super helpful if you’re busy as it ensures it doesn’t catch. There are multiple shades but I’m generally using more neutral shades recently (no time to keep changing colours when so exhausted with university!) so grey was

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just perfect for me and it seems to have really good wear.

The next item is one I’ve come back to; I’ve finally gotten round to using up all my old products to save a it of money before the next loan comes in. I’ve been trying to keep better care of my hands as it’s winter and there’s nothing better than nice smelling skin so Zoellas wonder hand hand cream  is just perfect!

Although not often keeping up with trends, liquid matte lipsticks is something I’ve engaged in and NYX soft matte lip creams are perfect for daily wear. They

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have an easy application, good colour pay off and are long lasting! I do however suggest using a lip scrub prior to application though as, with all matte lipsticks, they can be a bit drying and highlight cracks and dead skin.

And my final beauty product for this months is the ‘simple, kind to eyes revitalising eye roll-on’. I’ve always had very dark bags under my eyes and was yet to find a product that actually helps until I started using this. Although it doesn’t completely alleviate and hide my obvious tiredness it does make a massive difference and really boosts my confidence.


  • How to be single ~ This film has a fabulous cast and is just such a classic comedy to cheer you up. I really doubt anyone could watch this and not find any joy in it.
  • Suffragettes ~ This is honestly one of my all time favourite films. It has such an empowering, eye-opening plot and really makes you question things. Anyone who is a feminist (or believes in equality but doesn’t like that term) or is interested in the concept in equality should definitely see this.
  • Trolls ~ I think its pretty obvious I adore ‘children’s’ films and this certainly lived up to all expectations. I was unable to watch it when it was out in the cinema and I am so pleased I purchased the DVD. The songs are wonderful, the characters entertaining and is honestly such a feel-good film.



I am sad to say I have nothing for this category!



  • This month I didn’t find any new music however I did find myself to listening to some old favourites so I thought i’d just briefly name them: Taylor Swift (first 3 albums), Gabrielle Aplin – English Rain & A Fine Frenzy – Once Cell in the Sea. Like always I am keen to listen to more music so please do comment some suggestions below.



The first in this category is an Instagram account: @genderless_nipples. It is working for equality in nudity by posting photos of nipples with no other information – therefore keeping gender anonymous. Social media has always censored women’s nipples as opposed to mens when they in-essence the same. I’m so glad people are fighting back against this – please give the account a follow and if you’re comfortable submit a photo for them to share.

Next I have two food items. The first being the nakd infused raisins which are just a dream! I don’t think I have ever disliked a product that nakd have released but these have particularly caught my attention recently, the coco-cola ones are by far the best! And the other food item is Lotus Biscuit Spread. This is hugely popular in the recovery/vegan community which generally means I’ll avoid it (fads and obsessions shouldn’t replace other obsession) but I finally tried it after enjoying a couple of the biscuits while I was out and OH MY GOD it is pure perfection. It goes so well with fruit, on toast, on porridge and just straight out to jar!

Oven gloves! Yes, I know, I know, I’m a grandma. My oven gloves unfortunately got very badly ruined so I had to purchase some new ones and these are just dreamy. My room is so full of nature/woodland items and these just fit so well.

And finally positive quote cards. I finally got around to putting up all my Paperchase post cards and they’re just so wonderful to read and catch your eye. I really do suggest everyone having a positivity section of their room.

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