March (2017) Favourites

After the disaster that was my February favourites I was much more engaged in March, noticing what I love (and what I dislike) so this post may be slightly longer than usual but it is filled with products I’ve been really enjoying.


Due to health reasons recently my hair has not been in the best of quality so it felt like a fitting time to try out the hair masks I have about in my draws and I’ve found two to be brilliant! Lush’s Jasmine & Henna fluff ease hair treatment & Andrew Barton SOS hair repair treatment mask. The Lush mask for me is a little better as it feels lighter in my hair upon washing it but price wise the Andrew Barton is much more affordable and still wonderfully nourishing so I recommend both. (I purchased the Andrew Barton mask from ASDA). However if anyone has any suggestions of products to reduce the amount that’s falling out or to help hide the blad patches!

I’ve mentioned the Body Shop’s Vitmain E range previously and this month I’ve tried the toner from the range and I adore it. Winter was very unkind to my skin so I’ve needed to give it so much more love than it’s used to and adding in this toner has really helped to improve it and I’m seriously confused as to why i’ve never used  toner before?!

Now onto the lovely brand that is Barry M! I’ve fully embraced the nail collection that they have on sale and currently my go-to polishes are ‘dark side of shroom’ from the sunset gel nail range and ‘freestyle’ from the speedy quick dry range. These formulations are heavenly and I hven’t seemed to get anywhere near as many smudges or chips with them as I usually do. I also think they team up really well and help to add a little something to my all black outfits. I also investd on their 7 in 1 nail treatment as, like said about in regards to my skin and hair, my whole body needs some added loving and i’ve found that its made my nails a lot stronger and works really well as a base coat (whether thats its purpose, however, I do not know). And when using all these products what is one thing we all need? A nail corrector pen because honestly who doesn’t make a few mishaps here and there and of course I use the Barry M one.

I’ve stuck very heavily to my usual lipsticks recently and been a little less adventurous… that was until I recieved a little something in the post! Matte lipsticks are all the range so it no surprise that many brands are jumping on the bandwagon and it’s become more irregular to find a good one but Barry M (yes them again) have gone and done it. I’ve only recieved 3 colours so far and I won’t deny I don’t love the shades except fo ‘Runway’. Barry M have released these as lip kits with both the lipliner and lipstick which is super helpful.

And my final beauty product this month is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth. This has really helped to smooth and clear my skin and it is AMAZING at removing make-up which just helps to save a step at night time (especially when getting in from drunken nights out!)


  • Freeheld ~ this film is so wonderful! It is one of the first LGBT films i’ve watched and it was so nice to see such good representation. The film was hugely uplifting and educating and I really do recommend it My ONLY criticism (and it is for many LGBT films) is that the focus is on the change from bad times to good.
  • My name is Emily ~ Evanna Lynch I adore you. I knew from the moment Evanna mentioned the release that I would love this but it compltely wondrfully surpassed my expectations. I don’t even know how to explain the story line except to say watch it! (TW: depression and suicide mentions – but positive ending). (PS Evanna tweeted me while I watched this and oh my goodness did I fangirl).
  • Gilmore Girls ~ Why did no-one mention this series to me before?! I have become entirly addicted to watching this and it is just amazing. I am both excited and sad for to watch the final episodes (PS it’s on Netflix – watch it!)
  • Beauty and the beast ~ Beauty and the Beast (1991) is an immensely special and loved film by me so I wont deny I was somewhat apprehensive over this live movie adaptation and, despite adoring her I did have doubt over Emma Watson being Belle, but oh my goodness it was absolutely amazing and Emma truly is Belle. I’m planning to do a full review of this film over the upcoming month but honestly if you’re teetering on the edge of watching it just go – I doubt you could be disappointed.


  • Lisa Mitchell – Love letter. This song was played in something I was watching recently and upon hearing the magic words ‘flat white’ I knew I’d love it so I downloaded it immediately and I’ve listened to it pretty much none stop since.
  • Mandeville Sisters. I don’t often watch new youtube channels but Grace and Amelia’s content is unique and really fits my interests! Definitely recommend them.
  • Ed Sheeran – Divide. I’ve never really warmed to Ed’s music before but have always respected him as an artist so I decided to check out his most recent album upon release and I was truly surprised. It’s, in my opinion, his best album yet and there are multiple songs I happily listen to. Really impressed with his hard work.


  • The Harry Potter series oh my. I finished the series for at least the 14th time in March and every single time it feels like coming home. I utterly adore it and I will never be able to thank Rowling enough. It’s my go-to and it takes me to a place I truly feel I belong. Cringey as heck but these book are perhaps the most important possessions of mine.
  • Thankful journal. Ok so I’ll admit this isn’t exactly a book in the sense I usually refer to but you’ll have to forgive me. I’m someone who owns far far too many notebooks and list books but this one is just lovely. It’s a paperchase book and each day you can record the day and up to 5 things you’re thankful for. I think its so important to end each day on a positive note so it’s really helpful for reflection and can also be used to re-read when things are feeling less hunky dory.


This section is going to be rather jumbled and filled with the oddest of items but I just had to mention them all. On the food front there are 3 items that I’ve just loved over march. I received some Ten acre barbeque crisps and they are so yummy. I adore crunchy crisps and these really live up to it plus they’re vegan so that’s just an added bonus to do my bit for the world. The next item is also a vegan one, the Good, chocolate and orange fruit and nut bars. I am yet to find them anywhere other than Holland and Barrat which makes them a rather expensive snack so I’m currently rationing them as they are just so delightful. And finally… the last food product is fruit salad. Nothing fancy, just good ol’ fresh fruit. There’s something lovely about how the fruit changes in Spring and sitting in the garden, or in the forest or fields around, munching on fruit is just the most wonderful time to me.

Now moving on to drinks. I am currently in the process of trying an assortment of tea’s (with an entire blog post dedicated to them to follow) but I just had to mention the Pukka elderberry and echinacea tea. It is so refreshing and pallet clensing and I just adore it too much to not mention it now.

I am a bigger lover of flowers and by that I mean my room must always have at least one vase. This of course means Spring is a brilliant season for me and just being so surrounded by Daffodils and Snowdrops and Daisies (my favourites!) is just magical.

And final I must mention a little town in Ireland called Wicklow. I visited there in March and I will be making a travel post but it was just too wonderful to not mention here also. If you’re anything like me and adore the countryside or seaside or quaint towns with friendly folk and cute coffee and book shops then honestly look into visiting here. One of the nicest places I have ever visited for sure.

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