April (2017) favourites 


As its spring and nature’s colours are changing and becoming more vibrant and varied I thought I’d experiment in a similar way with my eye-make up. With that in mind, I purchased a selection of the NYX Vivid Brights eyeliners and overall I am super impressed. I have found that the red (vivid fire) and blue (vivid sapphire) are the easiest to apply and look pristine but with the yellow and purple (vivid halo and vivid blossom, respectively) you can achieve the same effect if you go over your eyeliner twice. They

also seem fairly long lasting and are still really pigmented on top of eyeshadow. they are just as pigmented and neat if you double apply it.

On that note, I can’t not mention the too faced peach palette. Eyeshadow is something I adore but have never had much success with and therefore have a variety of palettes sitting by in my draws. But, in line with my Spring resolution, I picked it out again and oh my goodness do I adore it! The colours are so beautiful and the nudey-pink shades really help to highlight my green eyes which I couldn’t be happier about, oh and of course the fact that it smells like peaches is just a dream!

100% recommend it.

When I come home from university undeniably one of the highlights is being able to indulge in a bath again so, naturally, a little lush haul is always necessary so I thought I’d mention the bath treats I’ve found to be most wonderful recently. The two that I’ve found myself reaching for and pestering my darling boyfriend to stock up on are Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt and LadyBird Bubble Bar. The Golden Egg melt is just so luxurious and the scent is just divine. It is super glittery which makes it slightly difficult to store as it does get truly everywhere (especially when they don’t bag them when posted!) but it doesn’t stick to you and it’s very easy to wash away in the bath. Honestly such a special Easter experience. And the Ladybird bubble bar smells even nicer – if that’s even possible! The combination of peppermint and geranium is just so refreshing and I had so much fun crumbling it to make a bubbly pretty bath. Possible my favourite bubble bar

yet! (and yes it does beat the comforter).

Recently I’ve been struggling to find a foundation that I really like for longer than about 2 months which means that every time I run out I’ve bought a new one to try but I think (finally, maybe) I’ve finally got one to last! Maxfactor’s miracle touch skin smoothing foundation. It’s quite a mid-range coverage foundation which means I do have to use concealer to cover up my blemishes but it certainly does do what it says on the packet and smooth your skin. It not only makes it appear that way in photos but you actually feel the difference which I really love! So far it’s also really agreed with my annoying combination, spotty skin which I have to admit isn’t something that usually happens. Fingers crossed this is my last foundation in a monthly favourite post and can instead be a year long favourite!

And my final beauty product for the month is the Sally Hansen nail polishes. The formulation is just perfect and I’ve found that my actual nails are in such better condition than when using other polishes. There’s also such a huge variety of shades all with great colour pigmentation so I highly recommend checking them out.


This month I’ve spent the majority of my time trying to watch as much of Pretty Little Liars in the hopes I can catch up before the final reveal! But there are still a couple of films that caught my fancy over April:

  • A street cat named Bob ~ This film honestly touched my heart and made me realise just how important it is to break the stigma surrounding both addiction and mental health. It’s also such an uplifting film and I adore cats so that was an added bonus. This is all so important and I’m going to putting up a full review on my blog soon.
  • Clueless ~ Dare I say it: I’d never seen this before! But it was just so classic and great and I highly recommend.


  • Grace Victory. This woman is the epitome of a BADASS and I adore all of her content, her approaches to life, her motivation and her absolute bossin’ of eating disorder recovery.
  • Wild Rivers – Wandering Child & Lily Kershaw – As it seems. Just two beautiful songs that I’m loving for late at night or early mornings.


  • Doing it. The darling and sexpert that is Hannah Witton is now officially an incredible published author also. This book is aimed at the younger audience which did mean there were aspects of the book that weren’t ‘news’ for me but it was so educational and funny and inspiring and I honestly feel that ALL young people need to read this.
  • Fantastically great women who changed the world by Kate Pankhurst. This is a childrens book but the pictures and styling hugely appealed to me and I was atually introduced to some boss women, also loved that they’re not all white!! Again a HUGE recommendation for all young people. Representation and inspirational people need to be shown. I’ll also be doing a blog post on women who inspire me soon.


Over Easter I decided to decorate my boyfriends room with a few more items that I adore and to add the feminine touch I enjoy but of course it had to be on a student budget. Therefore, of course, a trip to Primark home was necessary and I found some absolute treats including this Elephant bedding which I am just so in love with. If you’re looking to revamp a room or just add some little touches to a student house on a tight budget I really recommend looking at their ranges at the moment!

Belfoir raspberry lemonade and elderflower presse have become my go-to Spring drinks! They are just so refreshing and make perfect afternoon picnic accompaniments.

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