So… what on earth have I been up to?

It’s certainly been a while since I last did an update post and I can safely say that’s because life has been a whirlwind! This is going to be a rather self-indulgent post but I do use this blog as something of a diary so it seems appropriate to share.


I think the last time I spoke was December which brings about the start of my second semester at university. We began new modules – Psychobiology, the psychology of childhood and adolescence, research skills 2 and gender across cultures and it was such a sweet relief to be studying the topics I so much prefer. I still have my days of doubting Psychology as a subject choice but having the chance to study these modules and choose my ones for next year (you’ll have to wait to find out what these are ;)) has just reinforced that this is a subject I adore.


On the topic of University, I feel like I should just give a massive shoutout to my friends (to name: Rosie, Katie, Scarlett, Ceri-Ann, Charley & Jade) without whom university life 18342245_1425728144149865_2150334464679583924_nwould frankly be a disaster. I’ve watched many friends have a very lonely and turbulent time with friends during their studies and I will admit this was the same for me at the start of the year but these lovely people opened their arms and I could not be more comfortable and relieved. Also, 4 of us (including myself) have got a house for next years studies and I can not wait to live with them. I can safely say it is going to be full of books, mugs, tea, bath bombs and fairy lights! What a dream.



We have had some wonderful days out in Brighton and I’ve been lucky to have visits from family, friends and my darling boyfriend and I’m pretty sure I fall more in love with this beautiful City each day. I am also aware that I am very open on here about my mental health but at present, it isn’t a topic I wish to discuss except to say that I am positive and optimistic to pick things up and keep going!


In March myself and friends from home celebrated one of their hen do’s in Ireland and it was just beautiful – I honestly could see myself making Ireland my home. I’ll pop some pictures down below because my words can not do the place justice. It was such a lovely occasion and a more detailed travel post is on the way but this holiday and the wedding day itself were just such amazing experiences to share with best friends of almost 10 years!


Following this were the Easter holidays which were spent catching up with friends & family and it was just wonderful. Erin (my boyfriend) also took me away to London for a couple of nights which was just amazing and we got to see Hannah Witton’s Doing It tour. I’ll be doing a full post about this little trip soon so keep your eyes peeled! I also celebrated my 21st birthday over the holidays (absolute madness) and I was just thoroughly spoilt with both gifts and love from those around me and it was just the best. Honestly had a moment realising how very lucky I am to have those I do in my life.



Now it is Summer and I am cracking on with my revision as I am sitting my exams in August and am very much determined to do the best I can! I’m also trying to see my friends and family (despite my very limited budget) as it just feels like so long since I saw everyone. I have planned: a trip to Malvern, birthday parties, drinks nights, SITC, Pride, coffee dates, Carrie Hope Fletcher’s book tour and fingers crossed a little trip back to Brighton as I am already missing it so much! I’ll be sure to keep everyone more up to date and be check out my social media links for more regular updates!


What’s everyone’s plans for the summer?



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