Travel Journal: Ireland 2017

Brighton – Wicklow

Dates: Wednesday 15th March 2017 – Saturday 18th March 2017


I boarded my first train at 12:03 full of absolute anxiety but a hint of excitement. For me, the worst most daunting aspect of the entire trip was the journey but knowing that my best friends and flight to Dublin was waiting at the other end (and my favs in Brighton and my bed on the journey home) was an amazing source of relief and motivation.

The journey was not the smoothest but I managed to meet my friend at London Liverpool Street (the only time I’ve ever run for public transport!) for the last leg of the journey. Upon arrival at the airport, we spend an hour or so in Costa with everyone arriving at different times and the excitement built.



The check-in at the Airport was the easiest I’ve ever had which just made for a great beginning to the trip – shoutout to our lovely friend for helping us out with Fast Track passes. While waiting for our flight we, of course, couldn’t resist a quick trip to spoons and quickly after we were off!

Upon landing in Dublin our amazing taxi  driver was there waiting and our journey to Wicklow begun. The driver was an absolute sweetheart and let us take a quick stop at Tescos to stock up on what we needed for the trip. We used the same company for the entire trip and they were absolutely faultless.

The house itself was an absolute dream and surpassed even our wildest expectations. The first evening was just spent in awe of where we were staying, settling in and relaxing. The perfect first day.



Thursday was somehow even better! We spent the morning discovering Wicklow itself and its safe to say I fell head over heels in love with it. I don’t have the words to explain its beauty or atmosphere so I hope the pictures below can give you a sense. There were a variety of quaint shops and I had myself some lovely tomato soup for lunch in a cute cafe.




In the evening I had a nap while the girls watched some films and went out to dinner, and then the games began! We’d planned a murder mystery game much to Ellie  (our beautiful bride’s) surprise and I was the murderer! Ellie’s now husband had also prepared the cutest video answering some questions about her and it left us all with very watery eyes. The evening was brought to a close with us playing the sticky note game (where you write a name on it and place it on someone’s head and they can only ask yes and no questions to figure out who they are!)
Friday had an early start as we were off to Dublin for the St Patricks Day parade. It was as exciting and awesome as you’d imagine and the spirit everyone had was unparalleled – I think we all felt Irish for the day! Dublin itself was also beautiful and I’d love to return in the future to explore it a little bit more – Hayley I’m calling you out to be my tour guide.



Saturday, our very sad, final day came around much too quickly and I’m certain none of us wanted to leave. We had a little early morning walk around the area near the house before bidding it farewell17264311_1371995186189828_7973456469804738274_n and starting our journey. The journey, however, was good and it felt so nice to leave on a high. It was our first girls holiday where we’d all managed to go so girls – Ellie, Abi, Rhianna, Jess & Emma – thank you for the best trip and here’s to many more! I was also fortunate enough to be welcomed back to Brighton by my girlies there which just meant the mood lasted a little longer. Ireland, I’m certain I left a piece of my heart with you, I’ll be back soon.

PS. Look how beautiful my friends are:




One thought on “Travel Journal: Ireland 2017

  1. I have always wanted to go to Ireland !! So bad !! I enjoyed reading this post. It’s got me more excited. One day I most definatly will go just need to save up the money. When I do go I want to spend like maybe a few months so I can take in more see more.
    My older sister went for two months she loved it. She also said it was not long enough.
    Sounds like you had an amazing trip I’m glad 🙂
    Love Always,
    Cinthia Grace


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