Theatre Review: The Addams Family Musical (UK tour)


  • Samantha Womak – Morticia
  • Les Dennis – Uncle Fester
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher – Wednesday
  • Cameron Blakely – Gomez
  • Valda Aviks – Grandma
  • Grant McIntyre – Pugsley
  • Dale Rapley – Mal Beineke
  • Oliver Ormson – Lucas Beineke
  • Charlotte Page – Alice Beineke
  • Dickon Gough – Lurch

Date: 10th June 2017

Location: Birmingham Hippodrome


Oh my goodness, this was hilarious! I had never seen the Addams Family prior to booking tickets but upon hearing that Carrie Hope Fletcher was playing Wednesday and Scott Paige was part of the ensemble I just had to watch this. For me, personally, not knowing much about it may have been a bonus because it meant that I watched the show without making any comparisons and just enjoyed it as it was. I did, however, through shared photos and general knowledge, have some understanding of the Addams Family background which was somewhat helpful to gauge the jokes, however, is not necessary to adore the show!

The show is still running so I am eager to not include any spoilers in this so it may be a rather short post as for me the highlight was the plot itself. It included the stereotypes you’d associate with the Addams Family but with a wonderful twist that you can’t help but love. It meant that it was entirely original (unless of course, you’ve already seen it on Broadway!) and allowed the audience to further their understanding and depth of knowledge about the characters involved. It also meant they could draw in new characters – The Beineke’s – which was just fantastic! The contrasts between the families were presented really well whilst also showing similarities and could be paralleled to the light and dark within people.

The was not only a musical but a comedy and honestly, I found it absolutely hysterical – although I could understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every single member of the cast added to this and I adored how the ensemble – the ancestors – were used to add humour. Also massive love to Dickon Gough who plays Lurch for pulling off his character so well – I know it’s his job but he stayed in character SO well and it was just so well done.

For me, Morticia and Alice’s relationship and connection on stage was one of my absolute favourites closely followed by Wednesday and Lucas. They were so well acted and I personally felt like these characters also hold a good off-stage relationship which I think is really beneficial when acting.

The ensemble for me really added depth, not just in terms of comedy, as without them I feel the cast would’ve been really sparse and the talent between them was insane! The use of their inability to be seen was highly talented and the rest of the choreography (by Alistair David) was impressive and packed full of amusing touches.

Carrie has been one of my favourite people forever and I’ve had the honour of seeing her perform before in both Les Miserables and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Seeing her in this, however, was something of an honour – the completely different role suited her so well and showed off her acting abilities and of course, her voice was unparalleled.

Andrew Lippa is known for his catchy as heck songs within shows and these were no exception – I haven’t been able to get Crazier than You or Pulled out of my head! I was also super impressed with Just Around the Corner featuring superb acting by Samantha Womak and a phenomenal voice!

I thought this show was absolutely fantastic. Kudos to the playwrights, everyone off stage, set-design and the band for making it so along with the actors themselves. If there are any tickets left to any performances I strongly suggest going.

Duh-duh-da-da. Click-click.

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