Half way into 2017

I honestly can not believe we’re over half way into the year honestly how on earth has that happened? I felt like it was the right time for a general update, reflection, what I’ve got planned for the rest of the year and hopefully a spurt of motivation.


So let’s begin with University. As I was too unwell to sit my exams in May/June I am sitting them in August and I can’t believe there’s less than a month to go! I’m (re)sitting 3 assignments and 3 exams and it’s safe to say I am terrified. There’s a lot of work to be doing and unfortunately, my Summer, at least the rest of it, is going to be spent inundated with textbooks, writing and re-watching lectures. But… Fingers crossed if these go well I can move on to second-year come September. Should I pass these exams come September I’m going to be studying a statistics module, cognitive psychology, forensic psychology & developmental psychology and I am SO excited. I’ve also applied to become a Buddy – this is where you connect with first years to help them get settled and it just looks so fun! I’ve also got my eye on joining a lot more societies and having a more filled year.


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In less than 3 weeks I’ll be moving into my new house with my best friends and I am so excited. We’re much closer to Brighton town centre which means (hopefully) finding work is going to be much easier and heading to the beach, coffee shops and to do a little bit of retail therapy will be a doddle! We’re also very fortunate that even once my resit exams are over I have a whole 3 weeks to spend just chilling which should bring about many more blogs, vlogs and generally better days!


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On the topic of personal life mental health is something I’m very open about. My body image and anxiety have certainly been heightening over the past couple of weeks – no surprise with exams really – but it is making life that little bit tougher. I am becoming much better at letting myself rest and opening up to friends which is of course great progress but I know the return to university is going to involve the return to therapy and improving my brain health even more. I’m also keen to start exercising again – especially swimming but that does very much depend on my mental and physical health. I have recently been diagnosed with chronic pain and a joint condition but until more tests and hospital appointments have been complete the details will not be known and the relevant treatment can not be started. I’m optimistic that after many years I’ll finally start getting answers.


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Optimism is certainly something I’ve been feeling more recently and I am rather excited to use this new academic year to continue my personal growth and do even better at University. I am so excited to be studying again and living with my best friends. The whole atmosphere is going to be so vastly different and I am determined to make this a wonderful year. I am also extremely pleased to say that my relationships with my family, friends and darling boyfriend are still going so well!


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Not only is university an exciting plan ahead of me I also have some wonderful trips arranged too. In August I am finally going to tick SITC off my bucket list which is going to be fantastic and I’ll be sure to vlog and blog about it all! I’ve also got two concerts – Dodie & Lady Antebellum which I’m super excited for alongside going to visit my brother who I haven’t seen in ages.


Bring on the rest of 2017!

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