July (2017) Favourites


Beauty wise I’ve generally been sticking to my trusty already loved products these last past couple of months but I couldn’t help but try out a couple of new products on the shelves.


Firstly, and if you know me at all or follow my Instagram this will come as no surprise!, I have to mention the Lush jelly bath bombs. I have to say initially I had a moment of disappointment as they don’t turn the water to jelly but the change In the texture of the water – and how that feels and how nourishing it is – along with their vivid and vibrant colours it is safe to say any disappointment has hugely passed. I adore all 3 that I’ve tried (the big sleep, dark arts and green coconut) but as a massive Potterhead, Dark Arts is, of course, the favourite!

And now for two makeup products: the first being Topshop glow highlight. I’ve never really enjoyed Topshop makeup besides their lipsticks but I was in need of highlight and spotted it so thought it would ‘do’ for a few days. To my surprise it is gorgeous – and really does give you a good glow! and lastly the Sleek bright colours eye shadow palette! Again this was a spur of the moment purchase – this time for Pride – and once again I was super surprised. The colours are so pigmented and long lasting and were so perfect.

I have mentioned the Barry M molten metal range of nail publishes in a previous post (Here!) but it was only in July I discovered there were some more shades in the range and there’s four I love – pink ice, gold rush, holographic lights and black diamond! And they are just amazing – I especially love pink ice as it’s rose gold which is of course very in fashion.



  • Ballerina ~ I wanted to watch this from the moment the trailer was released and it did not disappoint! It was SO cute and such a guilty pleasure. I definitely recommend it.
  • Brave ~ I am genuinely ashamed that I hadn’t watched this previously but I’ve most certainly learnt my lesson. I adore it so much and I definitely want to be Merida.
  • You, me, her ~ I saw Melanie Murphy recommend this series and it is just awesome. Polyamorous, bisexual and sex positive, super hot, funny and the perfect before bed show to watch.
  • Lion ~ This was an emotional, touching, fantastic film and perfect for a family night in.
  • Criminal Minds ~ I watched up to the end of season 9 a year or so ago but never made it further so upon finishing PLL I decided to return to the show and it is so insane! Definitely one of my favourite shows.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


  • Dodie – 6/10 single. I adore Dodie and this song but this properly recorded single is just a piece of absolute beauty! I am SO excited for the You album.



In July I finally read Quidditch through the ages meaning I have now read every single one of the Harry Potter/officially related books and it was so good! I’m still yet to pick what Quidditch team I support but at least I know all the fun facts about the sport now!



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