Women who inpsire me

After reading ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World’ I decided to take some time to think about women who inspire me.


Firstly must be: Emma Watson. I have adored her for so many years. Her talent acting as Hermione (and Pauline in Ballet Shoes) was enough to make me look up to her but her motivation and determination for her education alongside her career sparked my inspiration from her. From there it has simply grown and her work as a feminist and with the UN motivates me daily. She is a credit to the world.


On the Harry Potter note, my second inspiration is J.K. Rowling. I adore her for her charity work and her writing but it’s how she rebuilt her life from the depths of expression that resonates with me most. ‘Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life’ is one of the few phrases that motivates means brings me hope in my darkest hours.


Now changing ship a little – Carrie Hope Fletcher. Carrie was one of the first Youtubers I ever watched and I’ve loved her forever. Her positivity, her motivation, her achievements, her openness and her determination to stay to true to herself. I try to apply all of this to my own life and I will be grateful for her always.


And another Youtuber that I must mention is the awesome Miss Grace Victory. I honestly don’t think there’s much to say except this women is the absolute definition of Girl Boss.


And lastly… Megan Crabbe aka @bodyposipanda. Megan introduced me to the bopo community which has frankly revolutionised my life and I can’t wait to continue my body positive journey. Now as if that’s not enough Megan is also the first person I’ve seen to truly overcome anorexia and gives me daily motivation and dedication to do the same.


Now this list is fairly short and not very inclusive so that is my mission – to find more and expand this list. So please do let me know which women inspire you!


Empowered women empower women


2 thoughts on “Women who inpsire me

  1. Brilliant! I think J K Rowling should be on any list of inspiring women – even if you don’t like Harry Potter its obvious just how much she has achieved.


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