August, September & October (2017) Favourites


So a beauty product, more specifically a makeup product, I’ve been loving is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick and liner! This lipstick has so much hype which naturally makes me somewhat sceptical as I’m always unsure whether or not it’ll actually live up to expectation but my goodness it did and more! It’s so moisturising and nourishing and such an everyday shade. Honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made.

Recently bubble bars have become a loved product of mine, possibly even over bathimg_5969 bombs, and the Lush Marzipan bubble bar is no exception. Marzipan is already one of my favourite aromas and then having it be so crumbly and bubbly and smooth and I can not wait to repurchase it!

Has anyone else found their skin to go to absolute rubbish during the autumn months? Mine has been SO bad so I’ve been using an assortment of face masks to help give it a bit of lovin’ and there’s two I simply must mention. Firstly Lush’s ‘catastrophe cosmetic’ fresh mask – it is such a treat and is filled with blueberries which are rich in anti-oxidants. And secondly is Body Shop’s matcha tea face mask* which is just very calming and fresh and I’m so excited to carry these into the Winter months.


As per usual, I have a couple of programs that I’m late to loving! Firstly is One Tree Hill* which has always been on my ‘to watch’ list but I didn’t get the opportunity until I moved in with Katie and she had the box set! I love it! We’re just about to start season 4 and I can’t wait to see how the plot develops and of course how the romances change (Peyton and Lucas better end up back together).

And secondly is Riverdale*. With the second season fast approaching everyone was chatting about it so I thought I’d give it a go and I’m not ashamed to admit I finished it in a matter of days. It was so good however I was slightly disappointed I guessed the entire plot after a couple of episodes (however this hasn’t happened with Season 2 so I’m pleased!).

Anne with an E on Netflix is an absolutely incredibly wonderful series. I read Anne of Green Gables when I was much younger so the plot had been somewhat forgotten by me but I feel that they captured Anne exactly I had envisioned. I also must mention that Amybeth McNulty who plays Anne is an astonishing young actress who deserves so much acclaim.



I haven’t had much of a chance to read anything recently but I did ensure I read Melanie Murphy’s book as soon as it was published. Fully functioning human (almost)* was an absolutely incredible and insightful book and I just adored every inch of it. On a personal level, the discussion of eating and sexual assault (etc.) was truly resonating, empowering and motivating and I am so grateful to Melanie for finding such an amazing set of words to write about it. I honestly think any young person or early 20’s individual should read it!


In these colder months, I thought it was best to get some long pyjamas and ASOS served me well! They have absolutely loads and if my budget was less ‘student-like’ I would’ve purchased many more pairs. I chose the rabbit ones because they are just the cutest!

Halloween and autumn always make me feel super cosy so it’s no surprise I lit a lot of candles and my favourite, by far, was a pumpkin and spiced maple candle from Home Sense! Such a dream.

And lastly is my peach bedding from Urban Outfitters. I first saw it online and then in Zoella’s vlogs and just couldn’t resist and I’m honestly reluctant to wash it because it means having different duvet covers!

3 thoughts on “August, September & October (2017) Favourites

  1. I’m the same with duvets! I have my favourite polar bear one and it’s just so cosy. I really recommend primary’s fleecy bottom sheets too, perfect winter set up:) Loved reading your favourites, i’m off to check out Lucy Hale now.
    Also LOVE your harry potter set up, hope little Niffler enjoys it too!



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