#IAmTheReader Book Tag!



WHAT’S THE VERY FIRST BOOK YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH? The secret garden* by Frances Hodgson Burnett 




HOW HAS READING SHAPED YOUR IDENTITY? This is super tough! I think it’s made me more accepting, imaginative, open and definitely happier! It also shaped my decisions and passions at school which is huge


WHAT BOOK DO YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED TO BE COMFORTED? Without a shadow of a doubt: any of the Harry Potter novels*


WHO TAUGHT YOU TO READ? OR DID YOU DO IT ALL ALONE? Definitely, my family, we are definitely a bookish group of people 


DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM READING LOUNGE: This was one of the first things my boyfriend and I discussed as it would be an absolute dream to have a reading lounge in our family home when we’re older. I desperately want a window seat along with a cosy and soft chair (reclining of course for days my limbs hurt!). The walls to be entirely covered in bookcases but with enough space for flowers and quote prints as opposed to just books. A tea table because of course! And I mean, if the house could be set in the countryside it would be just divine. 


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