Semester 1 is almost over

I swear as you get older the years pass quicker – how daunting it is to grow even more. Somehow I’ve been back in Brighton for over 3 months, am over halfway way through first semester of year two, autumn is underway and I’m inundated with university work. Madness!
I felt like it was best for me to update everyone although there isn’t all that much to say. I haven’t updated this blog properly since I started lectures so I’ll begin there! I am currently studying: Psychology of Forensic Analysis, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Discovering Statistics. As I anticipated I’m getting the most enjoyment out of Forensic Analysis & Developmental however with fast-approaching deadlines and exams I’m trying to find interest in it all! I’m currently working on an essay for Forensic and a laboratory report for Cognitive and trying desperately to not worry about the exams in January. The leap, academically, from first to the second year has certainly been substantial and a lot of coffee has been needed to help get me through – I’m also currently working on a blog post about this as I know I, myself, had no warning and it was something of a shock!


Now to the more interesting things I’ve been up to (although there isn’t all that much to say!). Back in September one of my favourite humans came to visit me which was just wonderful. We had a couple of nights out, chilled days catching up and we completed the Colour Run! Despite not being very fit and struggling with chronic pain, fatigue and joint issues I’ve found that these sort of events just having a fantastic atmosphere and even if I do have to walk them I’m keen to participate in more.


I also have had a couple of days in London meeting my dad – firstly going to the Imperial War Museum which I love (history nerd over here!) and the second going to see one of my favourite bands – Lady Antebellum – at the o2. These have been some of my favourite days to date, especially as I’m finding myself missing home more this year. On that note, my mum came to visit last weekend which was great as I hadn’t seen her since early September. We had walks looking at Brighton’s Christmas lights, time doing Christmas shopping, a dinner date & silly giggles at 1am when we couldn’t sleep. Dad also popped up on Sunday which meant I had just the weekend I could’ve dreamed of – but I must admit I’m super excited to get home for Christmas.


As mentioned in my Hello World Post I went to Birmingham to visit my boyfriend in November after far too long! We went shopping and just spend time together relaxing which was so lovely. In terms of things I’ve been up to in Brighton, there’s been lots of coffee dates, study sessions, trips to town, television nights in our house and days out – including watching the fireworks on Bonfire Night! University is quite wonderful at the moment, albeit stressful and I’m keen to fill my days even more in the upcoming holidays & semester 2.



4 thoughts on “Semester 1 is almost over

  1. I am looking forward to reading your post about the changes from first to second year! As someone in first, I am still slightly overwhelmed with all the change happening right now. How terrifying yet at the same time exciting it is, knowing that there’s still so much more to come. Great post, I really enjoyed reading.


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