Does anyone actually know what to do with their lives?

6:30am and I’m thinking about the future and my goodness is it daunting. There is so much space, time, energy and who actually knows what they want to do with it?

When I was very young I wanted to do something dramatic – as that’s simply the only word you could use to describe me – dancing or acting stuck out to me. Then came teaching, first for primary school, then secondary geography, then psychology at either secondary or a-level. More recently was paediatric nursing or forensic psychology.

But naturally life shifted the path. The discovery that the two careers I’ve dreamed of most recently aren’t suitable for me, so now the question is: what next?

Then you think about families and marriage. Here I am lucky as I know who I want to marry (CRINGE!) and I’ve never been so sure of something as I am about wanting a family. But when? Do I have an early marriage and start a family soon? Do I travel first? Do I wait until I’m older and more mature?

But what I’m realising now is that despite all this being daunting especially with my almost-phobia of the unknown – it is exciting. How fortunate I, we, are to be young with (hopefully) lots of time ahead! And heavens know where life will take us….

PS: from what I’ve heard no one has a damn clue what they’re doing it and we’re all just winging it together!

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