Useful Apps if you’re Mentally Unwell

Life as a mentally unwell individual can be awfully exhausting and draining and keeping up-to-date with everything can seem really difficult. I, therefore, use an assortment of apps to help myself wherever I can so I thought I’d share them in case they can help any of you! (these are all free from the iTunes store!)


Firstly is an app called ‘Round’. This app is for those of us that use medication – you simply input your medication and dosage, if you take it every day and if you want a reminder to use it. I use this for both my daily meds (with a reminder because I am absolutely awful at remembering things otherwise) but also for the meds I take for my chronic pain!







Then I use Clue. This is an app for those of us who ovulate and/or experience menstruation! It allows you to input your cycle along with any symptoms you experience and any birth control you use. It is so helpful for keeping track – especially if your doctors like to keep an eye on it or, like me, you tend to lose track of when it’s due! It allows you to input mood and energy levels which I find especially helpful as it can be really reassuring if I am experiencing PMS.







For mood tracking, I also use Mood Tracker from Mind. It allows you to see if there’s any patterns and also means you can keep your therapists/counsellors/GPs up to date!



I experience panic attacks and find that they heighten as a result of my fear of having a heart attack. I, therefore, use a heart rate measuring app (Heart Rate Free) to measure it as I find it reassures me when I am particularly worried.



I also use What’s Up? I don’t know about other people but I know I tend to forget my coping techniques when I’m in a bad place and therefore this app is awesome! It has sections where you can talk about yourself but also where you can look at and work through things like coping techniques.



And lastly is Audible. I’m a massive book lover but hearing them read aloud is just so calming and perfect for sleepless anxiety-ridden nights.






These are currently the only apps I use but please share others in the comments below – I’m always keen to find more. Take care & Stay strong.


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