Lush Products – Christmas 2018

I am without a shadow of a doubt referred to as a Lush addict so there was no way I couldn’t review (a lot of) Lush’s Christmas range and I’ve published it in time for everyone to grab their hands on them before they say farewell for another year.


Thundersnow bath bomb 8741f505-5a85-43c5-a984-298ee3616a2b

Thundersnow is a brand new bath bomb this Christmas (seen only before at the Lush Summit event in February) which makes it all the more exciting. It’s a gorgeous blue and green colour with hints of peppermint and cocoa which is just totally me and always makes me want mint choc chip ice cream (which I’m not complaining about). This bath bomb also contains popping candy inside making it that bit more extravagant. It creates gorgeous waves of blue and green turning the water a delightful turquoise. It was truly a magical bath experience and I think it might be one of my favourites this year!


dacc7fd0-e346-47dc-bab0-801bf53673b5Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

I’ve seen this product around for the past few years but I’ve always ignored it and focused on my go-to favourites but this year I decided to give it a go and it’s pretty damn good! It features jasmine and ylang ylang oil which are always a good pair and are fantastic for before bed. This was also one of the few bubble bars that I’ve found creates a proper lovely and large amount of bubbles, however, I didn’t really change the water colour which was something of a disappointment.


Candy mountain bubble bar

YES YES YES! This bubble bar is an absolute dream (hint: pair it with the snow fairy jelly bomb for a heavenly sweet experience).  It looks like a pink and white helter-skelter which crumbles easily under warm water. It has a vanilla and candy floss scent and turns the bath water a sweet shade of pink. It creates light bubbles which are perfect for hydrating the skin and the fragrance lasts on your skin for a long time. This again was a product I tried for the first time this year and I really really enjoyed it.


Shoot for the stars bath bomb

This product was released in 2014, however, I’ve only used it a handful of times despite its gorgeous outwards appearance. It’s a stunning blue with glittery gold stars engraved. For those of you more in the know, this product shares its scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids range with its honey scent featuring orange and bergamot – absolutely divine! The bergamot and orange oil is beautifully calming and helps to soften the skin. It turns the water a shimmery blue where the gold stars are miniature bath melts improving the water quality for your skin. This is honestly such a good bath bomb especially with its skin improving qualities and I wish it wasn’t just a Christmas exclusive.


Snow fairy jelly bomb

Another new product this year was the snow fairy jelly bomb. Now I won’t deny I have been disappointed by the jelly bomb range as I don’t feel it really makes the water jelly-like but aside from that this is a lovely bath bomb. It follows the classic snow fairy range which is probably the most well-known range Lush do. It isn’t my favourite but it’s perfect for a change and I enjoyed how soft and pink this made my bath. The scent is also very robust which means you smell wonderfully sweet all day long and the bath art it created while dissolving was so exciting!


ec1ad16e-e2fe-4f66-82c3-b4f17a935c9aPlum snow bubble bar

This product has the same scent with Plum Rain shower gel which I love so I already knew I’d love it – it also reminds me of Body Shops Frosted Plum range* which I always enjoy at Christmas. This is a pretty purple bubble bar with a white snowflake inscribed. It makes the water purple topped with lots of bubbles and the scent lasts ages which I always appreciate. This is also one of the products where a little goes a long way which means one product can be used for multiple baths (perfect for us students). Definitely my favourite Christmas bubble bar!


my two front teeth bubble bar

At first, I had no relevance for this product however my darling housemates explained that there’s a Christmas song called ‘All I want is my two front teeth’. This was a very sweet, pink bubble bar which filled the bath with a lot of bubbles – no complaints there! Personally, the scent and bath art created didn’t feel very festive to me but nontheless it was a lovely product and one I’d enjoy using again.


Man in the moon bubble bar6f0b6b19-fa27-4b5d-a9e4-553de3f9f971

This is a sad review for me – I really did not enjoy this product. Its a yellow bubble bar with facial features in blue featured, for example, an eye and a moustache which for me was just odd looking and not appealing. I also must say I don’t tend to enjoy yellow products as they make me feel like I’m bathing in dirty water. This shares its scent with the Calacus range which again isn’t one I love. Okay, I’m going to end this here because it’s just disappointing to wait. (Also I know many people love this so it’s just my own experience!)


Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

What an absolute classic this is and my gosh do I love it – I honestly think I’d be heartbroken if they stopped selling it. This bath bomb comes from the same scent family as Twilight (my all time fav) which makes this a well loved product for me, but with its tones of Tonka it is ideal for a pre-bed bath! It is also so magically colourful that the bath art is just divine.


Sherbet Dip bath bomb

The Harry Potter nerd squealed when I saw this in store – Sherbet lemons, Dumbledores favourite! I must admit however I’m unsure of the festive relevance so if anyone knows please drop a comment below explaining! This is lemon yellow coloured tablet looking bath bomb which fizzes away nicely and turns your bath water a neon yellow and then green which is a super cute surprise (Okay I know I said I don’t like yellow bath products but this so vibrant you couldn’t mistake it for dirty bath water!). It is full of citrus oils and is perfect with the Back for Breakfast shower gel to wake you up!



Rose Jam shower gel

Now, THIS is my favourite Christmas shower gel! My mum purchased it for me a few Christmas’ ago when she was sick of the scent of Snow Fairy and I just wanted to devour it. It’s perfect for my skin and is a subtle but long-lasting scent. This along with Twilight are my all time favourite shower gels and I wish they were available always.


Golden Wonder bath bomb & Giant golden wonder bath bomb

I’ve combined these two as they’re the same product just one is huge! This is my favourite Lush product, of all time, so when I saw that they weren’t just bringing out the standard product but a giant one too I felt blessed (and was even more blessed that a friend purchased it for me!). Golden Wonder is a gold shaped present bath bomb with a white bow which dissolves into a green glittery type of magic changing the colour of your water. It also smells amazing (like Snow Showers Shower Jelly if anyone remembers it) – orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil which create a gorgeous citrus scent from the emerald green water. The oils also make the water softer making your skin feel amazing! And the giant version just does it all a little bit better and bigger – it was so exciting myself and my housemates stood around watching the whole thing dissolved. I will genuinely be heartbroken if they ever discontinue this.


Christmas cracker bubble bar2fa1c905-f7c5-4aed-a6a3-c8cbea2f4f0d

This bubble bar is a pink and yellow shaped cracker with the word SNAP inscribed. It is another citrus-scented product with lemon myrtle and lime essential oils which creates a gorgeous smell and means the water is super softening. The water turned into an orange shade and crumbled easily creating a thick layer of bubbles. Definitely worth a purchase especially as it can easily make three baths!


Star light Star Bright Bath Melt

This is a silver glitter covered star bath melt (warning: the glitter goes everywhere!) which once submerged dissolves into a purple shiny abyss which is amazing and I honestly adored bathing in so much glitter. It is filled with cocoa butter which softens the skin and helps with dryness which is great for these colder seasons! It’s also full of ginger and lime which smells lovely and is perfect for cold nights. I honestly loved this but found the mess it creates a little irritating.



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