10 goals for 2018

I am not someone who likes the concept of ‘resolutions’ as it feels pressurised. I do, however, love to give myself some goals and aims that will make my life a little better so without further ado here are mine for 2018!

  1. Following from my Autumnal Equinox post my first goal is to spend more evenings accompanied by Hot Chocolate and marshmallows and all things cosy.
  2. On that note, my second resolution is to try more foods! I am rather set in my ways and as such haven’t tried any new foods for years and years so I thought it would be something nice to do in 2018.
  3. In 2018, as I completed in 2017, I want to read at least 50 books, this year with the inclusion of more classics.
  4. I want to write & publish at least one blog post a week! It’s something I really enjoy but have a tendency to neglect when I get stressed.
  5. Drink more water!! Although I have increased my consumption over the last couple of months I am still rather rubbish and I know my body is screaming out for more hydration so hopefully, with it written down here, I’ll make a more conscious effort.
  6. Read more non-fiction: again this is something I increased in last year but not quite enough for my liking.
  7. Have more adventures – and yes I mean classifying 2am McDonald’s trips as adventures! Things like going on more walks to the beach, visiting the surrounding towns, going to museums, visiting friends dotted all over the world and just getting outside the house more often; something I think everyone should do.
  8. Try new hobbies. As is very common with us that suffer from mental health issues it becomes, to some degree, part of our identity. I don’t, however, want to keep it that way so I’m keen to try out some new hobbies – vlogging, joining societies at uni, painting… anything! Just to do a bit more soul-searching.
  9. Spend less time online. Okay so if you’re reading this I’d imagine you could admit you spend too much time online, or on your phone – heck I think it’s a trait throughout society! I adore the internet, I adore having my friends and family at the tips of my fingers but I am totally guilty of wasting away hours and hours doing not a lot online! So I’m going to actively try to cut it down.
  10. And my last goal is to do more of what makes me happy – whatever that is

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