The new age of social media: opening up too much online

As seems to be the theme of my blog this is once again an honest, real and scary post but of course, once again it is one I feel is very important. This I feel is most suitable for the younger generation but could also be quite beneficial to others too.


The world of social media grew alongside me – a new and enticing world- one which I have very much succumbed to. I started using it prior to the warnings we are now educated on and without very much thought. I posted EVERYTHING online – very personal things, things I would never dream of posting now. I am fortunate that I do not regret it (every action I have made has led to me being who I am today) but I do very much wish I’d had more knowledge and just taken a few minutes to think about it. Oh and perhaps actually listened to my parents for once but who wants to admit that?


Whilst with many topics, I’m glad I was honest – learning about the importance of ending the stigma of mental illness, being public about so much of my life gave others the opportunity to learn things about me, even when I believed accounts to be ‘private’. I am lucky that any embarrassment/ridicule I’ve endured as a result of such accounts hasn’t affected me and thankfully people’s levels of maturity have meant it doesn’t depict any of my life. This could very much have not been the case. I could’ve easily been bullied and lost a variety of people and very easily ‘lost my way’.


So here I just want to say, without sounding too much like an annoying school teacher or parent, take 5 minutes to think before you post. If you wouldn’t want your family or future employers to read it, do not post it. Take it from someone who made the mistakes.

3 thoughts on “The new age of social media: opening up too much online

  1. YES YES YES! This is such a good post and a very important conversation to be had, especially with this generation. I agree with you so much on this. I am a very private person in general, but back when I was younger I wasn’t. My need for privacy came with maturing, as I think it does for many.


  2. I think this is especially important for children to be aware of nowadays. When I was a child I did have access to the internet but at that time Facebook wasn’t available to me yet and neither was youtube or Instagram as much as they are now. Especially since every child has a smartphone nowadays, they probably won’t be aware of the dangers, also because they’re still children. I’m quite lucky that I only got in contact with everything at about the right age and when I had been warned a lot about the dangers. I’m glad opening up too much hasn’t meant that it still haunts you now!


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