February (2018) Favourites

As those of you will know most of my February was spent in the hospital with a multitude of issues (blog post to come!) so there aren’t many favourites this month! Hopefully, my blog game will increase as we enter March.


This month I have 2 Lush products in my Beauty category. Firstly is Monsieur Gustave bath oil. As with most bath oils, this is packed with cocoa butter soothing and moisturising the skin which is just divine in these colder months. This scent is mostly lavender which paired with the purple colour just makes for a blissful bath. I must say I can not wait for my wounds to heal so I can hop back into the bath and start using my bath products again!


And the second and final beauty product is Skin Drink. Skin drink is a facial moisturiser that is an absolute godsend. The product is made with avocado and sesame oil which I have to say I hate the smell of but it makes for such a rich moisturiser. For me this isn’t a daily product as it is ‘heavy duty’ but it has been ideal for trying to heal my skin post hospital – does anyone else find that the air in hospitals is so drying? This is also fantastic for long-haul flights – can you tell I’m thinking ahead for Disney!


Despite not having many favourites for February I do have 3 films! The first one for me has to be Disney’s Coco*. What a beautiful film! It is beautiful and felt so much more adventurous for Disney and, of course, made me cry. I don’t want to say too much but I really do feel that all individuals could enjoy this. I can’t wait for the DVD to be released.

The next film was another Disney and something I’ve been told before is something of a classic but which I hadn’t seen before! UP*! Me and mum watched this together and it was so beautiful and I was mesmerised by the animation.

And lastly is ‘The Circle’ starring Emma Watson. This is all about social media and technology and is a real ‘thinking’ film. I agree with the critics that the ending isn’t fantastic however I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the film – it’s on Netflix too so no need to spend any extra money on it!


  • Better Man – Little Big Town.



This month I scarcely read any novels but I did finally get to read Aristotle & Dante discover the secrets of the universe*. Benjamin Alire Sáenz is a phenomenal writer and I love all the inclusion and representation within this novel. It was also an LGBTQ+ novel which I always enjoy and really depicted discovery your identity and sexuality. I’ve got The Inexplicable Logic of My Life* on my shelf to try and get around to by the end of the year also!

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