March (2018) Favourites


This month I was fortunate enough to work with a company – eyewake – who gifted me a


collagen eye gel in exchange for an honest review. I have loved this product so very much that I thought I’d include it here! Those of you who have spent time in a hospital will know how much it affects your eyes. It was incredible how much it helped with my puffy, red and sore eyes. The gel is so nourishing and really helps to soften your skin, wake you up and feel better. I’ve not been paid for this or anything I just really think it’s a worthwhile product. You can get it here*.

Secondly are Lush’s new mothers day Bubbleroons. 3 were released – mother of pearl, citrus are doing it for themselves and purple drain. All of them smell delish and creates beautiful coloured water with a soft layer of bubbles but I won’t deny that Citrus are doing it for themselves is my absolute favourite as  citrus scents are some of my favourites and are perfect for morning baths before a long day of revision (or staring at a computer screen in my case).


And my last beauty favourite this month is Superdrugs Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser. I’ve been using hot cloth cleansers in my daily skincare routine for a few months now but always stuck to the trust Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish one. However, being a student means this didn’t work out well with my budget so I tried a few cheaper ones and this one is just as good if not better. It takes off makeup easier, clears out your pores and leaves your skin so soft. I honestly can’t believe its only £4.99.



Kicking off this months television favourites is Gossip Girl. Over the last year, I’ve been trying to catch up on all the shows I’ve missed out on so naturally this was on the list. And it’s amazing! I’ve already got my ships and know how I want it to end and it’s only Season 2!

I also must mention Riverdale again! It’s been amazing so far and *SPOILER ALERT* Cheryl coming out as bisexual was just everything to me!

And lastly is buzzfeed unsolved supernatural & true crime! They’re super short but gripping and I wish there were even more to watch.


  • Emma Blackery – Dirt
  • The Shires – Guilty
  • Hayley Kiyoko – Let it Be
  • Ward Thomas – Cartwheels (album)


I finally got back around to reading this month and I loved it! I got to read Tales of Beedle the Bard* cover to cover for the first time and I must say I was not disappointed. Those small snippets into the magic and the feelings closer to Hogwarts are just so wonderful.


Now those of you who are book bloggers will have for sure heard of ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’* by Jandy Nelson but her other book doesn’t seem as popular – The Sky is Everywhere*. However, it is incredible! I haven’t actually read her other book yet but I if its anything like this one I’ll be extremely pleased. It was beautiful yet simplistic – a perfect before bed novel – and I’m so glad I read it.


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