Travel Journal: Day Trip to Cambridge 2018

Last Friday (6th April) my mum and I decided to take a little day-trip to the beautiful town of Cambridge as a post-her birthday, pre-my birthday day together, and boy was it wonderful! I’ve haven’t visited Cambridge often so it seemed like a little adventure and we decided to have a nose around the museums while we there too.


To begin our little adventure a Lunch from Pret was in order –  good food, good coffee and a wonderful chat are a must on a girly day out. Over the years mum and I’s relationship has grown and we literally talk about anything so to have our time to laugh about the silly things we do and give advice on whatever is on our minds is crucial.


It was then time to head to the museums! We had no idea but there are so many so we decided on Geology/Earth Science (The Sedgwick museum) and Archeology/Anthropology and they did not disappoint. I have to say that Earth Science was my favourite filled with crystals, volcanic rock, and so much knowledge. Museums have always been family places for me, from the interactive days out at the Science museum as children to fashion exhibits at the Victoria & Albert, so it was wonderful to explore these together. Earth Science is also something we’re fairly clued up on as its one of my brother’s passions so it was nice to recognise things, learn more about others and think about memories of the past – seeing fossils from Lyme Regis was so cool as we’ve gone and collected fossils from there ourselves. Now I know I said this was my favourite but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the Anthropology museum also – anthropology was a subject I considered for my degree (but if you’ve seen The Nanny Diaries you’ll know career options are minimal). Archaeology has always fascinated me as I love that idea that one tiny detail can explain, or change, how we understand something from our (humans) past. It contained a huge totem pole which was awesome!


For me going to Cambridge means taking far too many photographs of the beautiful architecture so it was time to wander the streets before my body gave up and heading home was the new agenda. We wandered through the market, saw the beautiful Kings College Cambridge and just absorbed this beautiful town.


Naturally, when you’re on a day out and about you have to have a treat time so our final stop was crepes opposite the university and oh my goodness they were heavenly. We went for the very British lemon and sugar with a cuppa and it was just the perfect way to end the day! I can not wait to go back again with Mum and discover some more museums (and maybe do some shopping!) later on in the days. Family days are the best.


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