April (2018) Favourites

Sadly April has been full of exam revision and fatigue so my favourites are a little small this month but I desperately wanted to share these few products with you all still!


Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream*. In the heat, we experienced for those odd 3 days this


month, I really didn’t want to wear foundation so I enjoyed trying out this CC cream. It was nourishing and moisturising and was a wonderful enough coverage to make me feel confident. It also has SPF 15 which is an added perk.

Collection’s clear mascara* was another product I embraced over the heatwave. I find myself having super sweaty eyelids so coloured mascaras tend to smudge making clear ones perfect for the heat.

7198afd4-9517-4b41-83b8-0eb0f373cda3When wearing sun cream (is this turning into a heatwave makeup & skincare routine?) my skin seems to become frankly disgusting making scrubs essential for the evenings. Having heard the hype of Loreal’s new sugar scrub I decided to use the ‘nourish scrub*’ and found it amazing. It’s exfoliating but the use of cocoa butter helps to keep it hydrated which essential after being in the sun! I really love this and am hoping to try the others soon.

My last two beauty favourites for this month are two Lush products! The amazing Madame President bath bomb and the Creme Egg Marbled bubble bar. These were both wonderful and made for super baths!




  • Love, Rosie* – I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. It was simply wonderful and I highly recommend it. And let’s be honest who doesn’t love Sam Claflin!
  • Hercules* – I’m going to Disney in June so I’m trying to watch as many as possible before I go. Although I may have seen this before I didn’t remember it all but I really enjoyed watching it this time around and the soundtrack was insane!


4 thoughts on “April (2018) Favourites

  1. Cool! I’ve never tried clear mascara before?! Does it work the same as regular black mascara?! I’d love try it. I’ve also never tried a Lush product but I really want that bubble bar! Love these favorites posts! ♡


    1. The one I own is only cheap so it’s not as good as my more expensive black mascaras but it does definitely work! Oh my goodness you need to jump on the Lush wagon – bubble bars are wonderful and so worth the money as they can be used for multiple baths. Hopefully you’ll find one that takes your fancy. Thank you lovely xx

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