May (2018) Favourites


Firstly is a product that I only had the pleasure of using in the first part of this month – Monuspa soothing after sun! Despite using factor 50 suncream I always get burnt so it’s super important to rehydrate my skin afterwards to help with scaring, reduce peeling etc. I do believe I was sent this product last Summer (but have only just got around to opening it) so a massive thanks to the brand for this – this isn’t an ad or a sponsored post I was just lucky to receive a product I love.

Secondly is Johnsons baby bath time shower cream. This isn’t a product I’d usually pick up – given it’s geared to children – however, I was suggested it as a way to help soothe achy joints and assist with a good nights sleep and it definitely does do that! I can not explain the science behind it (although, as with Lush’s sleepy body lotion, I do wonder if lavender plays a role) but I am so excited to have found it and using it in every bath or shower I have.

Lastly, in this months beauty category is sudocrem! I know this is more of a medicinal item but I couldn’t not include it as I have been using it by the bucket load. It is multi-purposeful and therefore I’ve been using it on my eczema, peeling skin on my hands and for my acne and it has helped so much! I hadn’t really heard of it when I was younger (I used a lot of e45 cream, however, which I do still love) but on countless recommendations by friends I purchased a tub and I really do swear by it. Every household should have a pot or two.



This month consists solely of TV shows as most of my time has been dedicated to the final push on uni work but I still managed to find 3 shows to love!

  • Ex on the Beach – let’s be real who doesn’t love a bit of trash TV? Frankly, there’s nothing better after a day of revision and my housemates and I somehow worked our way through 6 seasons in a matter of days.
  • 24 hours in A & E – I love medical dramas but I love the real-life version too. I admire doctors and nurses so much and I love seeing all the happy outcomes.
  • The Bridge (season 3) – Season 4 of The Bridge just started airing on the BBC but upon looking at it I realised I’d missed a whole season beforehand! Thankfully it’s all on iplayer so I’ve been watching it between revision and I am so in love. It’s truly a great crime show.


Firstly for music this month is Emma Blackery’s single Agenda! Back in March I featured her song Dirt so I was pleasantly surprised to find I love this song just as much. Anddddd Emma is releasing her whole new album (Villains) in August just before I see her live so I am super psyched to see these songs performed live.

In May I was super lucky to get to see The Shires live in concert (more about that in an upcoming post) and go to see their new album Accidentally on purpose performed in person. I adored it already with the artists being two of my all-time favourites but I was truly blown away by their live renditions. d97569b5-f8c5-45f4-9bde-fadb3a743cc8

I don’t have any Spotify features for this section, however, I do also have 2 Youtube videos to include. Firstly is Connie, Noodlerellas, video on her acne experience. The video itself is only helpful to those with her specific condition (acne rosacea) however the message behind it – the discussion about developing skin issues later in life, acceptance and how often skin is editing on photos (all skin is textured guys!) was truly wonderful and I am loving the far more honest and raw content online these days.

And lastly is Calum McSwiggans gay sex 101 videos. I neither identify as a man or as gay however I had begun to notice that I saw a lot of lesbian sex education content and discussion online (Stevie, Melanie etc) but hadn’t seen much, if any, geared towards gay men/penis-penis relationships – perhaps this is just due to who I follow – so I wanted to find some good quality content to feature. I already followed Calum, wholeheartedly adore everything he does and view him as someone responsible enough to make this sort of content so upon finding his Gay Sex 101 series I just had to feature it! I really do hope this can help ensure all future generations are getting the sex education they need and deserve.


  • If any of you remember I featured Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte in my 51fa00cb-27db-436c-8248-54b3271a3adeJanuary TBR and had down ‘to read more classics’ in my 2018 goals. I will admit now that that hasn’t been going well and initially turned this book away after struggling with the first chapter. However, when a new audible credit arrived on my account I thought id see if an audiobook version suited me better and I absolutely adore it. I’m 60% of the way through and can not wait to finish exams to finish the rest.a74c2014-d87e-4b46-801e-4d02b26d8714
  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapien Agenda by Becky Albertelli. I initially wanted to read this prior to watching the film but unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way. Fortunately, I adored the book just as much this time around and was just so glad to read such good LGBTQ+ content.



Now onto the weird and wonderful. Firstly is buttermint tea. I initially saw Zoella mention is but once I saw it was on offer in my local supermarket I thought I’d give it a go and I am in love. I swear by peppermint tea to help with IBS but this is just even more flavourful. If you remember getting mixed assortments of mints and those oblong cream ones it tastes exactly like that and it’s so good!

Now onto the Harry Potter mystery game. Did you honestly think this wouldn’t be included? I haven’t played as much as I’d quite like but I can currently midway through year 2 and it’s just so good! If you, like me, are still hoping for Hogwarts letter I highly recommend downloading this game.

And lastly is a food item! I’ve always loved Sunbite crisps so I was so pleased to find the Sunbite crackers in my dad’s cupboards! They are so good and dare I say it even better than the crisps! I don’t care for the so-called health benefits but I honestly think everyone should give them a try – but make sure to leave enough on the supermarket shelves for me!


7 thoughts on “May (2018) Favourites

  1. I’ve never heard of Sudocrem but my eczema is only getting worse & worse as the weather heats up! I’ll have to see if that works for me. Thanks for much for including it in this post!
    I’ve not heard of any of the shows you listed either but I love trash TV and Ex on the Beach is right up my alley haha.
    I’m waiting for the ebook from my elibrary of Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. It’s going to be months before I get to read it but I can’t wait. I’ve only heard good things about it.
    I’ve also started the HP game but I’ve not gone back to it in a long while!


  2. I have actually never watched Ex On The Beach but now I might 😊 I love these “favourites” posts, I always find them so interesting. Looking forward to reading you next month’s favourites.


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