Oh Look… An eating disoder charity messed up again. (Read: F*ck you Project Heal)

Oh, look, back again with another 1am post fuelled entirely by rage because an eating disorder charity/spokesperson has crossed all the lines once more. I haven’t written a post like this since Iskra Lawrence messed up in January 2017 so I apologise for what I’m sure is going to be an angry, ineloquent, bad-languaged post but damn I’m mad.

So… Some background for you all. Project Heal is a US-based eating disorder charity: as such it supports recovery, weight gain and maintenance, anti-diet culture bullshit etc. As such those in recovery would assume this is a safe space, a place of comfort, away from the usual diet talk and ‘health fixes’ we endure in daily life.

ALAS! That doesn’t seem to be the case. Project Heal’s latest Instagram post has revealed that they are working with Laura Cipullo to make some merch – ‘eat kale and cupcakes’. From the offset, this seems totally cool, right? Supporting a healthy lifestyle, not cutting down foods, eating anything? Well lets just look closely at Laura shall we!

Laura is none other than a DIET talk book writer! She is the author of ‘Body Clock Diet’ a book that encourages people to use their natural hormone cycles to curb cravings and get lean! THIS right here is diet talk. It’s triggering. It is not in any way a recovery mindset, a god damn healthy mindset! You honestly can not make this crap up! As Amalielee (on Instagram), a fellow recovered anorexic and no-nonsense talker, said its no different to an AA charity pairing up with Smirnoff!

(And don’t even get me started on the idea that you need to eat kale to eat a cupcake. Or even the inclusion of kale which is frankly a piss taking diet food that should be banned from the universe).

This is an absolute disgrace. It is a money-making scheme. It is protecting and helping no-one. It is once again making a safe space, unsafe. This could have such a hugely negative effect on eating disorder sufferers and do they care? NO! Their response to Amalie calling them out was to direct the conversation to Laura. Granted she should know better but they’re the damn ED charity! They’re the ones with the responsibility to protect their readers.

I am SICK of safe spaces being infiltrated by diet culture.

2 thoughts on “Oh Look… An eating disoder charity messed up again. (Read: F*ck you Project Heal)

  1. This is absolutely dreadful – I’m so frustrated and tired of ignorant people trying to make money from other people’s determination to overcome personal issues. Thank you for writing such a straight up and honest post- this needed to be said!

    Nati x | http://www.lifeaftercoffeeblog.com | @NAfterCoffee

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