How’re my 2018 goals going?

Back when the clock chimed midnight on the 1st of January I decided to attempt to follow some goals and aims for the year of 2018! We’re now over halfway through so it felt right to check up on how things going – give me a kick up the bottom perhaps?


Firstly I intended to have more evenings accompanied by hot chocolate and marshmallows and all things cosy. Now I haven’t had a single marshmallow yet in 2018 but I have been enjoying more evenings with books, blankets and hot chocolates. Hopefully, as the colder months appear I’ll be able to enjoy even more.


On the note of food and drinks, my second resolution was to try more foods and experiment more with a range of flavours.  Sadly this hasn’t gone entirely well but (with thanks to my housemate Katie) I have tried, and loved, Taco Bell’s quesadillas and chocolate mochi! I’ve also tried scampi but I can’t say it was particularly pleasant. This is definitely a priority for the latter part of the year.


Back in 2017, I can proudly say I read over 50 books! This year I decided to set a goal pushing this – 75 books within the 12 months and featuring more classics. It truly saddens me to say I am 16 books behind currently and do not yet have a classic complete (however Wuthering Heights is well underway!). I wonder if perhaps I was a little ambitious and will have to reduce my goal to 50 books but as long as I reach that I’ll be proud. Alongside this, I wanted to read more non-fiction! I have most certainly included more in my reading but I’m keen to increase it further. I picked up a couple of books about Harry Potter (artefacts & characters) from Orlando Studios so I think they’ll be my next non-fiction reads.


My next goal was to write and publish at least one blog post a week and hell freaking no did that happen! But I’m not at all upset. I have found I’m writing more than before but without forcing myself into a structure I’m definitely loving what I’m writing and am yet to hit a creative wall (touch-wood).


Now onto one I can proudly say I’m acing – drinking more water! With the help of the ‘My Water’ app I am smashing my goal most days and I am feeling much better for it. I strongly suggest getting an app to help you track and remind you if you struggle at all with water consumption.


Two goals that were more focused on my lifestyle and day-to-day life were to have more adventures and to try new hobbies. I think I’ve certainly had a few adventures this year, I mean I just got back from Disney, but due to being so poorly I haven’t done much else. I think perhaps these will be added to my New Years resolutions next year too as I really want to work on these.


Now one I found odd when I made it was to spend less time online. I certainly haven’t as I’ve increased my blogging etc. but instead I’ve changed my feeds. I now exclusively follow things that make me happy, people I find inspiring and only read about things that I think will have a positive effect on me. So although I have quite done what I intended I’ve made it work for me.


And finally was to do what makes me happy – and I really do think I’ve done that. Now to use these last 5 months to ace the rest of my goals and work on my self-growth.


6 thoughts on “How’re my 2018 goals going?

  1. Loved this! My goals were also to read more and spend less time online. I’ve found more time to read now that it’s summer, but I still spend way too much time on social media – such a good idea to change your feed! I follow so many people who don’t really inspire/motivate me, so I might have to do the same. Good luck with your goals for the rest of the year! X

    Evie X |

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  2. Have you read Tess of d’Urbervilles’? It is a classic novel by Thomas Hardy. You must include it in your 2018 reading goals.


  3. Follow your heart, it knows the way home. It is in loving ourselves for exactly who we are that will set you free, no longer tied to the expectations of others or ourselves ❤


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