Travel Journal: Day 2 – EPCOT. The one where I got engaged!

Day 2 was upon us and EPCOT called – EPCOT standing for experimental prototype community of tomorrow (I’m still trying to learn that off the top of my head) and it was a clear favourite, after Magic Kingdom of course!

Our first stop was an early fast pass for Living with the Land in Future World. It’s a slow boat road down a river in which you get to see the living laboratories showcasing an array of plants and gives you a real perspective on how the land helps and aids day-to-day living. Some may call this boring but personally, I really loved it! We decided to keep ourselves in the Future World centre afterwards and headed downstairs to Sunshine Seasons restaurant for breakfast! I had the breakfast platter which had egg, sausages, bread cake and more and was perfect for the long day ahead!


Next, we decided to head to the World Showcase. This is a lake surrounded by countries of the world each with their own section showing architecture and products from the countries themselves often with rides, shows or buildings you could explore to learn a bit more about them. Our first stop was Norway, home to Frozen, and it was so beautiful. We jumped on the ride – Frozen Ever After – which was once again a boat ride but was more of a thrill and showcased the characters and music from the films! It was a family favourite and definitely well worth the fast pass we got for it!


Then it was on to China and I have to say this part was exceptionally beautiful! There was a pond full of lilies and so much gorgeous architecture. There was a museum as such with lots of information about the Shanghai Disney Resort which was really fascinating. There was also an assortment of shops including one that held beautiful jewellery and an opportunity to buy a fan with your name written on in Chinese. We moved along and found ourselves in a caramel shop of dreams in Germany selling some amazing popcorn and caramel apple Wethers Originals (I highly recommend both!). The heavens, unfortunately, decided to open at this point but we spent a few minutes wandering the shops and having a little rest before it was on to France. From the minute I knew we were going Disney I had made a list of the Princesses I was desperate to meet and there’s no surprise to those that know me that Belle was the top of the list! There are a few times during which you can meet her in France and I dragged Erin with me to say hello and get a photo and I have to say it was cute as anything!



England is just next door so we decided to pop by and see how our country was represented and it did not disappoint! It was utterly hilarious with pristine brick houses, a pub and so many football shirts. It seemed so desirable and I really hope no tourists visit England with the hopes it’s all that lovely. By this point, however, we were in the heat of the day and needed to find a rest bite. On our route back towards the entrance and our next fast pass we decided to pop by France and grab an ice cream from the shop and oh my gosh it was heaven! A friend had suggested getting mint choc chip and, as it’s my favourite anyway, I couldn’t resist and it was honestly one of the most divine things I’ve ever tasted! If you got to EPCOT you simply must get ice cream.


We then decided to take the boat back across the lake to the entrance of World Showcase and back towards the part of the park we needed to be – we also hoped for a breeze on the boat. Alas! It was too inclosed that there was no breeze but it was a nice break from walking (or being pushed in a wheelchair in my case!). Our next fast pass was Spaceship Earth and oh boy was it good! It’s a unique way of watching and discovering the growth of technology and computers and it was utterly fascinating and cool at the same time! If my memory serves me correctly the ride is all narrated by Judi Dench which just makes it even better.

Our final activity for the day was exploring the aquatic area of the park. We went to Sea Base which is home to so many aquatic animals including Dolphins! It was my first time ever seeing a dolphin in person and as they’re my favourite animal it was a pretty cool experience. There were also rescued Manatees which are going to be re-released into the wild, turtles and so many fish! It was essentially the most incredible aquarium you could go to and I absolutely loved it. If you’re an animal lover this part of the park will really appeal to you.

We then decided to go home and chill out and go swimming. Erin and I ended up being alone in the hotel room and this is when my favourite part of the holiday happened. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and it was so perfectly us and the ring is magical and without being totally OTT it was just the most amazing time of my life. We promptly told our family and friends and spent the evening just swimming and celebrating and being stupidly happy and in soppily love.


32 thoughts on “Travel Journal: Day 2 – EPCOT. The one where I got engaged!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! We haven’t set a date yet as we’re planning on having a long engagement as we want to graduate and get a house first but you’re right this was a holiday I’ll never forget and I feel so lucky. xxx


  1. Congratulations!!… I hope your journey is filled with love and happiness!… 🙂

    “You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you cannot live without”…

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  2. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉, what a wonderful holiday, I’m sure you’ll remember this holiday and place till the end of time

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  3. Ah congratulations! 🙂 Your holiday sounds fantastic too, I’ve just posted a blog about my engagement last year if you feel like checking it out 🙂
    All the best for you and your future husband!


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