June & July (2018) Favourites

As I was on holiday for a considerable proportion of June & July and haven’t had much time to write I decided to put the two monthly favourites posts together! It’s come out as quite a lovely long list. What have you been loving lately? Leave a comment below to let me know!



Firstly is my go-to holiday make up product – Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream*. I absolutely hate wearing foundation when I know I’m going to be hot and sweaty but I also don’t love having my bare face on show 24/7 so this is the perfect middle ground. It’s easy to apply, moisturising, contains SPF and doesn’t look bad if you begin to sweat it off, which in the heat of Florida is a godsend! Maybelline has recently renewed their formula but in all honesty, I haven’t noticed much of a difference and still love it just the same. They have, however, bought out a matte alternative which I like too so if that’s more you’re cup-of-tea they’ve made sure to cater to it!

Another product I adored on holiday was the Nars ‘the multiple’ stick in South Beach*.img_3158 This can be used for frankly anything and was a favourite of mine for either a bit of eyeshadow or as a bronzer to make my horrifically pale skin a little less ghostly! I’ll be honest and say I don’t usually spend this much on a single product but I used it last year and loved it so much that I got it as a Birthday gift this year around ideally for Florida and the remaining Summer we’re having in the UK.

I don’t know about you all but in the Summer my skin, especially my lips, get extremely dry and flaky no matter how much moisturiser (or lip balm) I use! This means an exfoliator is essential. For years and years I used Lush’s lip scrubs but as I no longer shop with them it was time to find a new product and I’m pleased to report I’ve found one I love even more! E.L.F’s exfoliating and nourishing lipstick*! You use it as you would any scrub but it leaves your lips moisturised and silky smooth after – perfect for these summer days or before applying a particularly drying liquid lipstick.img_3154

Now onto my final two beauty products for this post. Firstly, totally not in keeping with the summer theme, is Baylis and Hardings Eton Mess bath foam*. I was gifted this last Christmas which is when I first used it but I’ll admit it remained in a drawer again until June when I found it and decided to give it a go again. I’m someone who will have a bath at any time of year so I always use products and this creates gorgeous bubbles while having a divine scent which actually lingers on the body which I love!

And lastly is Bilou’s foam shower gel. I think I’m probably a bit late to this hype but I love them! They feel super gently while smelling amazing and I just love using foam products. My fiance has also been using this and I have to say he smells pretty good afterwards!



  • Princess & the Frog* – I actually can’t believe I hadn’t watched this sooner but as I met Tatiana in Disney I decided I must and it was super cute and I adored having a black Princess! More please Disney.
  • Netflix’s I am innocent – As someone with a passion for criminology and forensics I’ve found this series really fascinating so I definitely recommend it if you enjoy things like that!
  • Anne with an E (Season 2) – I adored Season 1 when it came out and featured it in an old Favourites post so I was super happy to see that Season 2 is here and it has surpassed my expectations!



Let’s begin with a music videoHayley Kiyoko’s What I Need (featuring Kehlani)*. I love Hayley Kiyoko’s music so it was no surprise that I adore this too but I’m not going to lie the music video is just so hot and sexy that my little bisexual heart went wild! (Not to be too political here but let’s be real this is the bisexual anthem we really need not the shit that is Girls)

Next for music is Body like a Back Road by Sam Hunt*! He’s a new little country find for me and I adore all his songs but this is just one that I can’t resist but to sing along too! Keeping on the country lines I simply must include Drowns the Whiskey by Jason Aldea featuring Miranda Lambert! I heard this in the back of a taxi in Florida and I just adored it so I downloaded it on the spot and I’ve listened to it every day since.

And lastly for music is Demi’s song, Sober*. I want to note that I in no way want to be disrespectful by including this given her suspected overdose at the end of July. I simply found the song so raw and honest that it was beautiful and on a personal note it really resonated with me – especially the final line ‘I’m sorry to myself’.



Now onto Youtube and I’ve actually got quite a lot this month! First up is a Booktube I’ve discovered. Now, this lovely lady doesn’t post too often but her videos are so beautifully crafted and I adore her book suggestions so I just needed to talk about it! – A Case For Books.

Next is a Kati Morton video. A lot of people already know I adore her (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned her before on this blog) but this specific video is fairly old but such a wonderful video and one close to home. Managing a disability & your mental health with Molly Burke.

Now onto a surprising Caspar Lee video – Growing up with Tourettes! It was just wonderful and I adored his inclusion on the channel.

And lastly is the video: Plus size pole dancing & me. Honestly, I just loved it.



I am pleased to announce I actually have some books to include this month – finally getting out of the reading slump.

  • Firstly is a collection of short stories – Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls*. I’m currently listening to the audiobook and it feels like a more complete, more adult version of Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World. I’m quite keen to get a hard copy as it’s the perfect coffee table book and I’d love any future children of mine (or my families) to read it.
  • The next is The Artifact Vault* – a Harry Potter book that I purchased at Orlando’s67e6d774-7b4c-4739-b284-8490dfefbd5a Universal Studios and am obsessed with! It’s a detailed non-fiction book about all the artefacts from the movies with stunning photography and anecdotes. I highly recommend it to any Harry Potter lovers – they also have one for creatures*, one for places* and one for characters*.
  • And lastly for this month is Big Bones by Laura Dockrill*. This is the first truly body-positive YA book and I love it!406afcb5-5dcc-4958-aa8d-230ee2842777

8 thoughts on “June & July (2018) Favourites

  1. Such great favorites! I can’t believe how fast the summer is gong! I also do not think you were being disrespectful including Demi’s song. It is such a raw powerful song that NEEDS to be shared and listened too. I hope August is equally as great for you beauty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much darling, my favourites posts are often less looked at and appreciated so it means a lot! Summer really is going well. And thank you, it’s very close to my heart too. Likewise! I hope this week is treating you well xxx


  2. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Big Bones – definitely have to add it to my TBR! Would really like to buy Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls too. It’s the perfect combination of genuinely wonderful and aesthetically pleasing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read – quite possibly my favourite for the year! And I definitely would recommend, it would be a perfect coffee table book and I find it perfect for quick spurts of inspiration, motivation and relaxation! Hope you’re doing well lovely. xxx


  3. Aw, me too lovely but mine never get a good reception for some reason! Honestly, I recommend all of them – especially the ELF lip scrub (I just discovered it comes in loads of flavours so that’s cool too). Hope you’re having the best week and I’ll be sure to catch up on your blog again asap xxx


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