It’s been a while…

Hi loves,

It’s been a while since I just chatted about life and what I’ve been up to so I decided that I’d do that tonight (sleepless nights are better spent writing than tossing around in the bed). I know these aren’t always the best-received posts but my blog is my own personal diary so it feels important to keep it up-to-date.

My last update post was my Hospital Story which feels so long ago now! I’m pleased to say I’m almost totally healed from my appendix removal (one of my scars isn’t totally healed but that feels like something so small) and I’ve been up to so much.

I returned to Uni and have finished the semester! I’m currently on my summer holidays working my butt off trying to submit all the assignments I missed and revise as hard as possible to pass the exams I’m sitting in August. It would be amazing if I could pass this year and go into my third and final year in September! I choose my modules and am so pleased. I have chosen health psychology, how children learn to communicate, psychology & climate change, positive psychology and the psychology of inequality alongside my dissertation and I’m so excited. Psych is such a broad subject that it’s natural not to enjoy every module in the first and second years so it’s nice to know your final year will be spent studying what I love.

Before the end of term, I was also lucky to have a wonderful few trips out. I went to see Dan & Phil’s interactive introverts show which was just amazing and nostalgic and we all had such a good time! I also went to see The Shires live with my dad. It was the second time we’d seen them live and they were absolutely incredible and it was just one of those ‘I’m so happy to be alive’ evenings which I’ll cherish forever.

As I’m sure most of you are aware I also visited Disney World at the beginning of Summer with my fiance and his family where we got engaged (Erin & I, not the whole family!) and had a truly magical time! I’m in the process of writing up my online Disney Diary but I’m doing it slowly to make the most of all the pixie dust. I’ve also spent many days catching up with friends over coffee – just yesterday I went to a board game cafe with my friend Hayley! I’ve seen Mamma Mia 2 in the cinema, been to see Heathers the musical and spent wonderful evenings in with Erin! Summer holidays are such a wonderful time and I’ll be honest I’m sad this will be the last one I get – since when did I become an adult?

On a slightly sadder note, my physical health has gotten worse. The issues I face with my joints, digestion, fainting etc are still very prominent and are interfering with day to day life. It’s only a month and a few days until my rheumatology appointment though and I am hopeful we can find some options with managing it! I also have a cardiology and pain management clinic referrals on the way so it is all very hopeful! My mental health is still doing well and I think I’m managing any bad days much better than I used to!

The rest of the Summer is going to be spent revising and resting for the most part but I do have some wonderful plans ahead. This weekend I’m heading back to Brighton for Pride and seeing Britney Spears which will be insane! And the weekend after is Summer in the City – the most wonderful Youtube weekend which I know I’ll love. I’m also excited to return to Brighton and University at the beginning of September!


What’ve you all been up to? How’re you?

8 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Happy you are recovering from your appendix surgery but I am so sorry to hear that you still are not feeling well. Sending you so much love and healing vibes! And also all the positivity and good vibes you pass your exams! ❤

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  2. I’m glad you are getting better from your appendix removal but I’m sorry about your physical health!! Hope it improves soon 😘 hope you do well in your exams!! And have a lovely time at Pride in Brighton and Britney Spears xx

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    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! Pride & Britney were INCREDIBLE! I’m going to write a full post about it because it was just so good. I hope this week is treating you well xxx

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