Travel Journal: Day 3 – Typhoon Lagoon. The one where we all got very wet

Day 3 arrived and as we were all feeling pretty exhausted we decided it was time to have a day at a water park – Typhoon Lagoon.

It was a super hot day so we quickly dived into the lazy river (Castaway Creek) – a ‘river’ surrounding the park where you can gently swim or rest on dinghies. Erin and I found one suitable for two people which was just divine (naturally, it meant I could do nothing) and we could just rest and take in the surroundings. It was beautifully cooling and we ended up going around and around enjoying it all.

We finally dragged ourselves away and decided to head to a ride – we chose Gangplank Falls! This was a group raft ride going down slopes and rapids which was so much fun and definitely worth the queue. It was then lunch time as we’d somehow built up a huge appetite! We headed to Typhoon Tilly’s and had a gorgeous pulled-pork burger and blue raspberry lemonade and oh my gosh it was so damn good – highly recommend if you ever go!

Following this, we decided to head to the main pool. Here there were staggering depths (perfect for someone who likes going super deep but can’t maintain it for long!) and some small waves which were just lovely! Suddenly a foghorn sounded but, ignorantly, we just stayed in the water. Quickly we discovered what it meant – there were huge tsunami-like waves spreading across the pool. It was so much fun but quite exhausting so I headed back to the shallow ends for a while.

We decided it was time for another Castaway Creek break! Alas, this was cut short as we were quickly told a thunderstorm was due and we needed to evacuate quickly for our safety. We attempted to find shelter and hold-out for it to end but it became apparent quickly that it was going to last a while so we ran (genuinely ran!) through the torrential rain back to the bus and our hotel. It ended up giving us the perfect evening to chill out in the hotel, enjoy food at the site and when the rain eventually stopped we got to go to the pool! It was a perfect, relaxing day and we were all so pleased we went to the water park. ‘Till next time loves…

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