August & September (2018) Favourites

Hello, again! It’s been a while. I decided to take a months break from blogging in order to plan out some new posts, focus on my health and also to settle into my new year at university (and attempt to figure out where my life is headed!). I’m back now and going to kick off with this favourites posts. I’ve got quite a few so grab a cup of tea and get your wishlists ready to be added to.


First off is a skincare product from The Ordinary. I honestly adore their products – they’re natural and cheap and genuinely work! The one I want to mention is Retinol in 4578bcd4-8e3d-42d4-a6c4-577c26dbed85Squalene. My best friend mentioned squalene to me ages ago to help with my horrifically dry skin and I’d wanted to try Retinol for quite some time so finding a collaboration of both was the bees knees. It helps to give my skin a boost in terms of moisturisation, softening and evening the texture and helping to reduce things like hyperpigmentation. I’m so glad I tried out something new and I really do recommend this. I’ve also heard really good things about their niacinamide product in terms of reducing the appearance of pores so I might give it a go in the next few months.

Secondly is a Berry Blast bath bomb kindly gifted to me from The Dirty Vegans. It smells insane, fruity – a mix of strawberries and blueberries and raspberry –  and makes such wonderful bath art. I’ve been looking for an alternative shop to Lush and I think I’ve finally found one! It’s also vegan which is just wonderful as I love supporting cruelty-free beauty brands. I am so excited to try more of their products especially their other bath bombs and body wash!



  • I went to see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again* and I LOVED it! I’ve heard such mixed reviews but I honestly think I preferred it to the first film but maybe that’s because I got to stare at Lily James for 2 hours? I’ve pre-ordered the film and I can not wait to watch it on repeat when it arrives! It’s so amazing.
  • Two-night stand*. Erin and I spent a cute evening watching this Rom Com and it really didn’t disappoint. I hadn’t heard of it before but it’s honestly so good and I strongly suggest it if you’re looking for something for a chilled night.


  • If you’ve been here before you’ll see a little addition to this section and that is ‘Podcasts’. The last couple of months I have entirely emersed myself in this new style of entertainment and learning. I haven’t listened to much but when I have it’s mostly – Witch Please. If you’re a Harry Potter fan I bet you’d absolutely adore this and I love listening to them while I’m also re-reading the novels. The two hosting
  • img_3509itare also incredibly funny and awesome feminists which just makes it for me.
  • The Banging Book Club is the only podcast I listened to prior to August but it’s one I’m still listening to and I just had to mention this month. I listened to a minisode on Sub/Dom relationships and I honestly think everyone needs to listen to – be it for personal education or just to educate you and perhaps stigma break some of the ways you’re thinking,
  • Moving onto music I have two albums to talk about it. Firstly is ‘Talk of this Town’ by Catherine McGrath*. McGrath is a new pop-country artist I’ve discovered and I honestly adore her music, Wild being my favourite single off the album.
  • The second is Villains by Emma Blackery*. I previously mentioned ‘Dirt’, a single off the album, but honestly, this whole album is amazing! I really recommend you have a listen on Spotify as I can’t imagine anyone would dislike it.


I’m pleased to say I read a number of books across August and September and many were incredibly enjoyable.img_3510

Firstly I want to mention: Graffiti by Savannah Brown*. This was a beautiful anthology and was truly so relatable. It summed up growing up so very well and I feel like it’s something to re-read over the years. Brown really is an incredible writer and her words move you.

The second books is ‘Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls’ by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo*. I listened to this on audible and it was so inspiring and it had so much diversity included. I really do recommend it especially as a book you can pick up and down and enjoy anywhere.


My ‘other’ category this month is mostly filled with sex-related products and food – isn’t that a little cliche for a 20-something?

Firstly are Tesco’s apple crumble cereal bars. I originally thought these were going to be vile but they’re the perfect mix of sweet and sour and you genuinely can taste apple crumble with custard without the texture of the cereal bar confusing your mouth. Honestly, I recommend these for late night snacks and packed lunch boxes.

Secondly are Graze Boxes. I was kindly gifted a few and they reminded me of how amazing they are. I tried loads of new flavours and I love them all. They’re honestly the perfect snacks, perfect for revision and they’re such a helpful way of getting some decent nutrition when I’m stuck in bed.

Lastly for the food category is Yo Sushi. I’d never been before but I went with my friend Scarlett and I honestly loved it! I’m so keen to go back and eat more of the lovely food and endless bowls of mochi. I can also proudly say me and Scarlett managed the meal without dropping our chopstix (although I did drop a spoon).

Now for the final two products on my favourites post. Firstly is the Satisfyer 2 Pro Sex clit stimulator. I have been looking for a new toy for ages and this is one I’ve seen suggested by so many people including Hannah Witton so when I saw it was on offer on Amazon who was I to say no? It’s honestly incredible and I recommend to all vulva owners. Lastly is Ann Summers’ ‘Click Lit*‘ it tastes incredible and heats up when you use it if you fancy something new in the bedroom!

*I have used an Amazon affiliate link here, any money made goes towards my life as a chronically unwell person, currently I’m saving for a wheelchair/walker.

4 thoughts on “August & September (2018) Favourites

  1. I’ve tried both the retinol (although the emulsion version not the squalane because that was a bit too oily for my skin and it broke me out) and the nianicide (definitely spelt that wrong!) which is AMAZING! x


  2. I love “Two night stand”, I think you’re the first person I’ve “met” who has even heard of it too. And I am obsessed with the banging book club, such a unique podcast and like you, I think they discuss a various topics a lot of people should hear. Great list x


  3. The bath bomb looks so pretty! I’ll definitely have to check that company out, thanks for the rec!! 😄 Apple Crumble Cereal bars sound delish & I love Graze snacks, too! So fun that you included some toys! ♡ Thanks for sharing, Char!


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