Student life with invisible illnesses

Okay so I plan to make lots of posts on my new diagnoses etc but I recently wrote a post on my friends blog so I thought I’d share the link here incase you wanted to read it.



One thought on “Student life with invisible illnesses

  1. To be honest, this has been very helpful for me. I couldn’t finish sixth form because of chronic and mental illnesses including the two you mentioned and after a year out (those I went to school with are in 2nd year) I’m back at college, hoping to go to uni in Sept… and it terrifies me. I know chronic illness won’t only take over work but social life too, and it’s something I have no real influences for since my pals are moreso able bodied. No, I can’t change these things, but at least I can know I’m not alone and yes, staying in and caring for me is the best, you know? So thank you.


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