See you guys in a bit…

Hello loves.

I’m super busy at university at the moment and I’ve found myself loosing my creative spark. I need to get everything back on track which means I might not blog again until 2019. I’m not saying I definitely wont because who knows but I may be away for a little while just getting my life together – I’m sure those of you also in your late teens/twenties can relate! I’ll still be trying to keep up to date with some posts but there just might not be any content from me for a while.

I hope that’s ok.


6 thoughts on “See you guys in a bit…

  1. You only have one life to live, only you can live it, you will only get one try at it, so live your life… WordPress is only one part of it… 🙂 hope that your adventures are all that you wish for them to be and that each and every day is filled with love and happiness… 🙂


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