10 goals for 2019

After doing this last year I decided to do it again, some of them are the same and some are brand new! I am so excited for what this year will bring


  1. Gratitude journal daily. I’ve owned my gratitude journal for a while but haven’t successfully filled it out so I’ve decided to make it a goal to do it every single day!
  2. Read 60 books. In 2018 I successfully read 59 books so I decided to do it all over again (and round it up to 60 because 59 seems silly!) and I am so excited. I have 46 books on my TBR and another 500+ books to read so it would be awesome if I smash this.
  3. Write up Madagascar journal. In 2012 I spent a month in Madagascar and wrote a daily journal – it, however, is split over multiple books and covered in rain and food so I’ve been wanting to write it up properly but have been exceptionally lazy and haven’t got around to it yet so 6 years later it is a must.
  4. Continue reading more classics & non-fiction. I started this in 2018 and I’m so excited to continue it.
  5. Cook more and try new foods and meals. This also follows my 2018 goals and I’m super keen to expand my cooking repertoire.
  6. Do what I can for my health – water, fruit & veg, moving, PT exercises. I have so many health issues that this is very difficult but I’m determined to do as much as I can.
  7. Cut down my social media time and use what time I am on more productively. I’ve begun this using the new ‘screen time’ feature on iPhone but I’m keen to be even better.
  8. Blog more often. I’ve kicked off the year doing this – this being my 5th post in 5 days and I’m so keen to write more and more.
  9. Sort photo albums. I’ve been meaning to update my photo albums for at least 6 years now so it’s desperately needed to be done.
  10. Watch all the Star Wars. Need I say more?


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