Travel Journal: Day 4 – Animal Kingdom. The one where we went on a safari

Day 4 brought us to the Animal Kingdom for a day of adventure! Upon arrival, using our magic hours, we decided to head to Dinoland prior to our first fast pass! We hopped on the Dinosaur ride and a journey on a ‘time rover’ saving a Dinosaur from extinction!

We then headed to the incredible new Avatar world Pandora, which we’d all been eagerly awaiting. Our first idea was to grab some breakfast from the cafe – Satu’li Canteen – which is a make-your-own restaurant making bowls or rice and beans and proteins and veg, a perfect set up for a long day. It was then time for our fast pass – The Na’vi River journey which was a boat cruise through Pandora showing all the plants and where the tribe lives. I absolutely adored this, although I know some people have said it’s a little dull.




It was then off to Africa for us where we decided to follow the Gorilla Falls trail. The trail takes you through a make-shift African environment full of an incredible number of animals including exotic birds, Gorillas and Hippos!




Our next activity was in a similar light – the Kilimanjaro Safari – but a million times more incredible. We were incredibly lucky that our driver was brilliant at spotting all the animals in the safari and the animals were all out in view.  Just to name a few of the animals we spotted: giraffes, rhinos & elephants. It was truly incredible and one of the biggest highlights of the holiday for us all. If you’re interested I’d 100% suggest a fast pass as the queues were mental!




After this adventure, we decided to take a little break and watch a show – the Festival of the Lion King. It was absolutely incredible full of so much talent. Timon and Pumbaa were hilarious, the voices of the lions blew us all away and it was full of incredible tricks and dancing. This was another highlight of the holiday for me and if I ever return to Disney I will 100% go again! It’s perfect for all the family and to hide from the sun a little while.




Then it was time for our last activity of the day – the Maharaja Jungle Trek. This was another incredible opportunity to take a lot at some of the worlds most incredible animals – including a tiger! Unfortunately, the skies decided to open after this so with the knowledge it was going to last some-time we decided to go back to the hotel for food (I swear the hotel did the absolute best pizza I’ve ever eaten) and a rest. It was a lovely end to an exciting and fantastic day – definitely one of the best (although I’m pretty certain I could say that about them all!).


2 thoughts on “Travel Journal: Day 4 – Animal Kingdom. The one where we went on a safari

  1. Wow, this looks and sounds incredibly fun! I’ve not been to Disney World since 2008, so it would be nice to return and visit all the parks again.

    Jess xx ||


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