My wheelchair fundraiser

I feel very very very odd sharing this but I keep being encouraged to do so. Incase you haven’t seen before I have a connective tissue disorder which causes (among other things) dislocations, muscle spasms, severe fatigue, chronic pain, fainting, urinary tract issues & gastro intestinal issues. Yesterday I dislocated my shoulder and 2 spinal vertebrae and it became so apparent I need a wheelchair.

At the moment I am simply trying to get a good manual one (one that won’t make my hips dislocate) just as a matter of urgency so I can use it during dislocations and friends and family can take me out and I can study more. It would genuinely improve my quality of life.

Should I be unbelievably fortunate and surpass the goal I need that will go towards my future power chair. This condition is degenerative and even now I can only propel myself a short distance so I will require one. It will also have to be very person to me and will cost £4000+.

If anyone is able to donate it would mean the absolute world. I have also got a tweet on @lunarchar_ that you can share.

There is no pressure in the slightest. I am grateful for anyone who reads this let alone can support it. All my love xxxxx


2 thoughts on “My wheelchair fundraiser

  1. Hey lovely lady… don’t have much spare at the moment as about to move house otherwise I would have loved to help a bit more 🙂 I’ve been a blog follower of yours for ages and you’re absolutely lovely, so I hope you smash your goal with spare so you can start saving for your power chair xx


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