100 out of 100

(I posted this over on Instagram a while back but I wanted to share it here too)


“100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail” – Dr Phil 

So let’s just get personal. Erin’s been here for 4 days and in that time he’s had to shower me after watching me piss myself bc my legs wouldn’t work to get to the bathroom quick enough, undress and dress me, cook for me and help with cleaning and washing, change my period pad when I’ve been too exhausted to move, take me to 4 appointments, hold me as I had a panic attack as an old man shouted at me for not moving & having a walker and help with dislocations. This doesn’t include the fact he’s studying, we’ve been out and about, having movie nights and normal couple time. Oh and he still finds time to call me sexy, remind me that none of this changes anything and tell me he loves me. We’ve been together for 3 years and nothing phases him. He helps me but never makes me feel a burden. He never acts like anything is too much or that I’m too sick. He fights my corner always and holds me when I cry and it’s all too much. And you know what? This is the healthiest and happiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I still support him – it’s still a two-way relationship – it’s just that I need more help. Caregiving does not stop individuals having a relationship – and a good one at that! Being disabled or chronically ill is tough enough without rubbish like this being spouted around. Erin, I love you and I can’t ever thank you enough. Here’s to forever, together, because nothing ever holds us back.


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