Another life update

Well, oops! I have sort of been neglecting this all, haven’t I? It certainly hasn’t been intentional and gosh am I excited to be back but sometimes life just gets in the way and we totally forget the things we love… this isn’t just me is it? Well anyway, here’s a life update and then I’m going to get my butt going on the other 80 planned blog posts I have! And just for note, I’m also back to social media so come say hi!


Let’s start with uni. I’m in the final weeks now of my second year and this time is dedicated to getting totally prepared for exams. I have 4 exams upcoming and it’s safe to say I am nervous as heck. I am however unbelievably lucky that my university is totally on my side. The Summer break for me is going to act as a third semester for me. A time to do any and all resits I should need totally uncapped (meaning I won’t have grade restrictions) and allowing me to feel just that little bit less stressed so I’m not overwhelmed. I’m hoping I’m only going to have the resits I have right now and to smash these exams but should things not quite work out I have things in place. I’ve also chosen my modules for next year: Health Psychology, How Children Learn to Communicate, People and Planet: Psychology and Climate Change, Clinical Psychology and Positive Psychology along with my research dissertation and I am buZZing! As luck would have it I also get to have at least one module with each of my friends. And in a couple of weeks, I’ll also be finding out who my dissertation supervisor is and what topic I’ll be focusing on!


Now, what else have I been up to? I’ve been spending a wonderful time with my friends even just having coffee dates and making the days of endless assignments pass by just that little bit easier! We also went to see the universities performance of Legally Blonde which was so much fun. I’ve said before but I was so terrified of not having true and intense and close friendships this year but I really do and I’m so happy. I also celebrated my 23rd birthday. I spent the day at Warner Bro’s Studios with my fiance (a post & haul to come!) and then had a surprise afternoon tea with my family, fiance and my best friend which was just beautiful. I’ll leave some photos below. I also sadly lost my Nan over Easter which has been really horrible but she had a gorgeous send-off and I’m so grateful she’s in peace.

In terms of my health, it’s been somewhat rocky. I, unfortunately, had two spinal dislocations and a seizure but I’m lucky that I’ve been a lot more stable since. I’ve got a lot of appointments coming up and I’m fighting tooth and nail for everything I need. Other than that I am so so pleased to say I finally have my wheelchair! It’s amazing and it’s so freeing and I just want to say once again a huge thank you to anyone who looked at, shared or donated to my Go Fund Me. And lastly, on the health front, I’ve started to see a chiropractor to get some relief and release some tension around these exams.

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So… what’s coming up for me?

I’ve got the end of the exams and the return back home for Summer! Erin is graduating from his masters which is so unbelievably exciting and I can not wait to celebrate with him and the family. We’re also celebrating our engagement anniversary – there are so many anniversaries it’s confusing which one to celebrate but this one seems extra special. We’re also hoping to go to West End Live and Brighton Pride but for now, they’re just pencilled in. In September we also have the Les Mis staged concert and a BOPO event featuring Bodyposipanda! I’m also just so excited to see my friends and family amongst the university work I’ll be doing.


Well, I think that’s everything! See you all soon and I hope you’re all well. xxx

3 thoughts on “Another life update

  1. Hi Char! So nice to read this lovely update from you! Hope your last weeks & exams at uni went well. ♡

    I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandma but, I’m glad she had such a gorgeous send off.

    Happy belated birthday to you!! 🎉 The spinal dislocations & seizures sound so scary but, I’m really happy to read you’ve been more stable since. ♡


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