Face Mask Friday – Simple brightening masks

Credit to: Chloe for coming up with Face Mask Friday and all the good posts she makes!


Simple have introduced a lot of new masks lately so I thought I’d try some of them out! I decided to begin with the ‘radiance boosting sheet mask’. As always Simple promises to have 0% artificial perfume, colour, harsh chemicals, alcohol, parabens, mineral oils and animal-derived products which is fantastic for your skin and the environment and this one promised to have 20 days of moisturiser which is amazing for someone like me with constantly dry skin. I found this was easy to apply and had nice big eye holes which I sometimes find on others are far too small and I hate the feeling of it! As soon as it took it off (after the 15 minutes stated) my skin was smoother and the next day I noticed a definite glow. I’d used this facemask prior to doing my make-up for a birthday celebration and it definitely made it easier to apply and was brighter!

Would I buy it again? Yes!face mask friday 1


Would you like to see a review on the eye mask also?



I decided to pair it with the ‘brightening under-eye hydrogel mask’ with ‘naturally derived fruit enzymes’.

One thought on “Face Mask Friday – Simple brightening masks

  1. Oh wow, my skin has never gotten along with Simple products but this sounds amazing. 20 days of moisture?! I didn’t even know they made sheet masks!

    Thanks for sharing, Char. 🙂


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