Where have I been?

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been around much since May. In all honesty, there’s no majorly big reading just that life hasn’t been the kindest or easiest. I also only have a few things to update on but I thought now I’m coming back to blogging it would be best to update.
We’ll start with the slightly sadder notes and then end on a high! Firstly is that I have made the decision to leave University. My health has been something of a shit show for a few years and unfortunately, it just isn’t manageable. I enjoy university and I’m super sad to be leaving my friends and a subject I love and a dissertation I was so looking forward to but the sense of relief I felt when I made the decision means it is definitely the right decision. I haven’t written off study forever – I think I will work on my health and things and then look into the open university!


Second is some health updates. I haven’t ever properly gone through my diagnoses but I do plan to do a proper post on it at some point! But here goes – I went to see an Ehlers Danlos Syndrome specialist who re-assessed me and changed my diagnosis to Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). He has also stated that I need intensive rehabilitation whereby I will have a 3-week admission where we do lots of physiotherapy and pain management courses. I have also been seeing a cardiologist and have 3 tests upcoming to figure out what is going on! I’m also registering with a new GP so we have lots to figure out there.


Now onto an amazing thing! My incredible fiancee finished his Masters and got a 1:1! He did so well and we got to go and celebrate with him at his graduation. I can not express how proud of him I am and how amazing this day was!


And lastly… what am I doing now? I am currently at home where I am looking into job opportunities, registering at a new GP, getting all the health things I need underway and catching up with friends and family. Erin is also looking for jobs. When he gets one we will be moving to wherever it is locating and slowly looking for houses and getting settled. Its so nice to have a ‘fresh start’ as such in terms of looking for jobs and figuring out what we’re going to do with our lives!
How’re you all? What’ve you been up to?

One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. Welcome back! I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been doing that well health-wise, I know what a toll that can take on one (physically and mentally). It definitely sounds like you made the right decision to leave university, I applaud you for making your health your number one priority and recognizing a situation that (although you might enjoy it) is doing you more harm than good at the moment. That’s not an easy thing to realize, let alone to take steps against, so I really admire you for being strong enough to do so. It is lovely to hear that you and your fiancee are doing well and are looking to settle – I wish you both all the best! Take care of yourself – Fiona x


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