10 goals for 2020

As much as I despise the concept of resolutions, I adore the idea of goals without pressure where it will just be fun if I do complete them but I won’t get angry if I can’t complete them. Do you make any goals? Here are my 10 for 2020:


  1. To read 100 books. Okay, this is a massive leap from reading 52 books last year but I’d just love the idea of getting to 100 this year especially while I’m partaking in so many readathons this year!
  2. Get & follow a skincare routine. I’m pretty crappy with looking after my skin but I enjoy it and I’d love to take a bit more care of myself so I’m going to try this!
  3. Next is to cut down my spending. Erin and I are both doing this in order to save for quality and ethical products and also get saving for our future house, wedding and holidays!
  4. I’d really like to re-start therapy. My mental health has taken such a massive knock with my chronic illness diagnoses and I’m struggling a lot so I’m really hoping I can re-start therapy.
  5. My next goal is to work on my health: taking my meds more regularly, getting my referrals sorted, working closely with my GP (now I have one who listens!), re-start physiotherapy, learn more about my illnesses, work on finding a way to get nutrition with my team and so much more. It’s overwhelming and there’s a lot to do but I’m very determined.
  6. Next is to work on being less anxious using mobility aids in public. It’s super anxiety-inducing to be a 20-something-year-old who looks able-bodied to use mobility aids in public, especially when comments are made, but it’s essential to reduce my pain and fatigue so I’m going to hold my head up high and use whichever I need, whenever I need. 
  7. In terms of blogging, I’d like to try and blog at least once a week!
  8. I’m am truly rubbish at managing my time so I’m going to work on that too – trying to reduce my time on my phone and social media and use time more mindfully.
  9. Photography is something I love, even just simply taking photos of books or silly photos with friends so I’m going to try to take more and to file away the ones I already have in my albums.
  10. And lastly is to journal at least 3 times a week for memories but also, for my mental health!

Bring on a more positive, pro-active 2020!

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