Book Review: After You

Book Review: After You

When I reviewed Me Before You, the first novel in this series by Jojo Moyes, I decided to review the whole series. I, however, didn't anticipate it taking it so long for me to read but I have finally completed the second novel! After You was about, as you can assume, on Louisa's life after Will's death. [...]


Book Review: Surface Tension

This is going to be a shorter, no-spoiler review as I STRONGLY suggest you all purchase this wonderful collection of short stories to read for yourself and having spoilers will definitely diminish your enjoyment of them. Also a MASSIVE thank you to Claret Press for letting me review this - it's an honour to work [...]

Book review: Me Before You

Disclaimer: So to begin I just wanted to say that I know this novel caused a lot of speculation about the presentation of disability and inclusion of euthanasia. As someone with no experience in either of these fields I have chosen to not include them explicitly in this review nor judge the novel based on [...]