Hospital story

Just in case this would affect you, I want to state that this will discuss: vomit, surgery and female anatomy.    I'm just over three weeks post surgery and, as encouraged by Twitter, I thought it was time to update you all on what's happened over the past couple of weeks! Note: it's not the [...]


Semester 1 is almost over

I swear as you get older the years pass quicker - how daunting it is to grow even more. Somehow I've been back in Brighton for over 3 months, am over halfway way through first semester of year two, autumn is underway and I'm inundated with university work. Madness! I felt like it was best [...]


Once again life got all too busy and I neglected this blog (and my almost non-existent Youtube!) but alas I have returned yet again.   It's been 2 months since I last updated you and the majority of the time that has passed I have spent revising for my exams. They didn't go fantastically but [...]

Half way into 2017

I honestly can not believe we're over half way into the year honestly how on earth has that happened? I felt like it was the right time for a general update, reflection, what I've got planned for the rest of the year and hopefully a spurt of motivation.   So let's begin with University. As [...]

Uni So Far!

I'm just over a month into university and it feels like it's time for me to write a post about it. From freshers week to now life has been a whirlwind and the idea that its already been (and somehow also only been) a month is unfathomable! I guess I should start by sharing with [...]