Travel Journal: Day Trip to Cambridge 2018

Last Friday (6th April) my mum and I decided to take a little day-trip to the beautiful town of Cambridge as a post-her birthday, pre-my birthday day together, and boy was it wonderful! I've haven't visited Cambridge often so it seemed like a little adventure and we decided to have a nose around the museums [...]


March (2018) Favourites

Beauty This month I was fortunate enough to work with a company - eyewake - who gifted me a collagen eye gel in exchange for an honest review. I have loved this product so very much that I thought I'd include it here! Those of you who have spent time in a hospital will know how much it affects [...]

March & April (2018) TBR

If you've kept up-to-date with any of my social media accounts or read my hospital story you'll know that February was a bit of a pants month for me! Consequently, I didn't read many books so I decided that the next two months TBRs would be filled with all the books I've half started in order [...]

Hospital story

Just in case this would affect you, I want to state that this will discuss: vomit, surgery and female anatomy.    I'm just over three weeks post surgery and, as encouraged by Twitter, I thought it was time to update you all on what's happened over the past couple of weeks! Note: it's not the [...]