Mental Health Awareness Week

So Mental Health Awareness Week is back around again and I fancied doing something different. Usually, these posts focus on people's updates, current struggles and the very saddening reality of these illnesses; this time I've decided to share my victories. Although this might not show all that much 'awareness' to the arrogant I know a lot … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week

The life of a mentally unwell university student – 31/01/17

Oh my the good days. The good days are SO good. and oh my goodness isn't it important to embrace them. Today is the second day back to lectures after the Christmas break and I wont deny my nerves at returning but I reminded myself how normal they are and reminded myself I have experienced … Continue reading The life of a mentally unwell university student – 31/01/17

Ways I help deal with anxiety

Disclaimer: Everyone's struggles will vary which therefore means some of these things may not be achievable for some and some may also not benefit from these tips. This is based solely on my own personal experience.   This morning I woke up in a pool of my own sweat, trembling, with a tight chest and … Continue reading Ways I help deal with anxiety